Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Thank goodness babies are...

easily amused!

I consider myself someone who naturally enjoys being at home, a self proclaimed home-body. I feel like we get out and do quite a bit during the days and many evenings throughout the week, but we also spend a lot of hours at home. I'm not trying to complain...I am very thankful for my warm, furnished, well lit home. Sometimes though, even though I like being at home, staring at the same 4 walls every day makes the days a little long. I can't wait until we can get outside. Lainey will be at a great age this summer to start enjoying the outdoors. Anyway, since we're stuck inside because of the cold weather and snow we tend to move from room to room throughout the day ... a little time in the living room, onto the kitchen, Lainey's room, our room, etc. (oh wait, that's all of the rooms, ha!). Today we spent a good chunk of time in her room sitting in front of the mirror on her door.
"Oooooh, who's that cute baby? Oh wait, it's me!"
Oh Child of mine, when will you like tummy time? When will you roll over? Soon...never? This lasted all of about 3 minutes and then I try and encourage her along in rolling from belly to back and back to belly and then she gets mad. Sigh.
I could be totally wrong but I kind of think Lainey is in the beginning stages of clapping, which you can see here by noting the blurry hands. She'll bring her hands together and then kind of flap them together and pat her chest or her belly. So I guess it's not really clapping as much as flapping or patting, but it's still adorable.
Most Mom's say the same thing, but I literally feel like I have NO pictures with my little lady. This will have to do. Please note the AWESOME giant ruler/growth tracker behind me. My sweet sister saw it on Pinterest (LOVE!) and asked her father-in-law to make 2 - one for her and one for me! My sister gives the BEST gifts.

At the dentist yesterday, I made my next appointment which will be in JULY! I'm going to spend a little time now daydreaming about what that will be like...sun, warmth, fresh fruit, pool time, grilling... AHHH! Spring, Summer... Come QUICK!

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  1. Ok, I swear I did not see this before I texted you this afternoon. Ha! I guess our minds were on the same wavelength today :)