Friday, August 30, 2013

State Fair 2013

We had a great trip to the State Fair for Extreme Sunday again this year.  This time, my parents were able to join us!

We got there early enough that it wasn't too crazy... yet.
After a little bit of walking, this always happens...

Lainey's favorite part was the Little Hands on the Farm exhibit.  So fun for kiddos!
"Animals, where aaaare you??"
She would have walked the whole fair if we had let her.

Wyatt enjoyed getting out of the stroller but did not enjoy looking at the livestock in the Animal Learning Center. Next year, dude.  Lainey on the other hand LOVED it.
She also loved the fair food - had a sampling of corn dogs, cheese curds, and more but would NOT try cotton candy!
She had a great time though and now, even a few weeks later, I still hear DAILY about going to the fair, riding the bus, seeing the cows and the baby pigs and Momma pigs.  Can't wait for next year!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The New Normal

Moving.  Sigh.  I'm exhausted just thinking about all that has happened in the past week and a half.

I don't want to seem ungrateful because I am INCREDIBLY thankful that a) our house sold in 2 weeks, b) we found a new house we love and c) the Lord really came through and provided each step of the way...

But moving... packing, purging, cleaning, unpacking, cleaning ON TOP of caring for the normal every day needs of 2 little ones is a daunting task.

I'm beyond relieved to be on the other side of things now and finding our new normal here in our new house, new neighborhood, and new side of town.

The moving part itself went beautifully.  We have the best community group EVER and many of them graciously gave up two evenings in a row to help us both pack a moving truck and unload that moving truck the next night.
And that kind of hard work deserves some pizza!

The kitchen was the first to be unpacked, because, let's face it.  You can't cook and therefore can't eat when your kitchen looks like this...

Crazy the difference a few days makes.  Making spaghetti is even fun in a pretty, new kitchen! :)

Other than the kitchen, we've been slowly working in the other rooms.  It has been kind of funny to observe the kids (and Simon) in a new place ... new places to hide and explore, new places to climb and fall and get back up.

And we are ALL loving our deck!

 Thankful for our new home and more importantly, the ones I share it with!

Lainey is TWO!

It's one thing to feel like a single year has passed in the blink of an eye, but TWO?  I can hardly believe our girl is 2 years old...well, only part of me feels that way.  She certainly acts her age and beyond (I mean that in the best way possible :).

The last thing I wanted was to overshadow her special day with our big move, which happened to be the same day as both of our closings.  I knew in the hectic craziness of moving, I wouldn't be able to throw my girl a party, but we were able to celebrate a day early with some family and good friends and it was just perfect.

Since we didn't have a party, we decided to get her a few more gifts, which I'm guessing she appreciated... :)  Here's my big 2 year old in her birthday outfit she got to open before church on Sunday.  I think the headband makes her look SO big!

After church, we picked up some sandwiches and headed to one of our favorite parks with our good friends, the Laehn family and my parents.  Side note, I realized too too late that my camera settings were ALL out of whack that day so all of these pictures are not very good, coupled with some cell phone pictures,  Sad face.

Lainey and Penelope are about a month apart in age and they completely adore each other.  Wyatt and new baby August Laehn are about 9 months apart but in a few years, we probably won't know the difference and they will be great friends too.  We love sharing life with this family.  Jed and Tim have co-lead our community group for the past 3 years and we have walked through lots of fun seasons of life with them - being newlyweds, pregnancy, baby girls, baby boys, family life...  Bo has already joked about planning the girls a joint graduation party.
[Doesn't Lainey look thrilled to be in this picture?]
After lunch it was time for birthday treats and a few gifts.  I made these cupcakes for my Mickey and Minnie Mouse loving little girl.  I think they turned out pretty cute!

The morning of her actual birthday, in true Lainey fashion, she was up with the sun.  When you're up that early and your house is a complete wreck in the process of moving, why not just open up some birthday gifts?

This little momma loved her baby stuff set and her light up princess watch.  We haven't tried out her kite yet, but I think that will be a hit too!

Our good friend Brooke came over to save the day... actually two days.  She was a huge help with the kids while we were finishing packing, going to our closing appointment, routing movers, unloading trucks, etc.  She also brought Lainey what might have been her favorite birthday gift... light up Minnie Mouse dress up shoes.  What a sweet friend who knows our girl so well!

So much birthday excitement makes one sleepy...

So excited to be 2!

And what 2 year old wouldn't enjoy a happy meal supper on the floor of her new house!

At 2 years old, Lainey is in the 75th percentile for weight and just under the 90th for height.  SO thankful that her 2 year well check went so great and she is beautifully healthy and smart!  We already knew that :)

Amazing how this happens in 2 quick years...

This girl brings us great JOY.  She makes us laugh and gives us a run for our money many days.  She has taught us so much about love, sacrifice, patience and the true meaning of the word, BLESSING.

Happy 2nd birthday to our sweet Lainey Charlotte!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Farewell to 47th Street

Moving day is just around the corner and tonight is our last night in our first home.  A lot of people have asked me if I'm excited or sad, what I'm most looking forward to or what we'll miss most, etc.  The truth is, while we really can barely fit in this house for one more day, there are so many I'll miss and so many reasons I am feeling rather nostalgic about moving tomorrow.  I'm incredibly sentimental.  I really just realized this while we were de-cluttering and packing for the move.  If you've ever written me a card or if I have any kind of photographic record of knowing you, I probably kept it (at least, I DID until these last few weeks).  Since I am so sentimental, I've been really reflecting on some of our most memorable moments from the past 3+ years living here on 47th Street...
[warning...picture heavy post...]

Jed climbing up on the roof by standing on top of the garbage can and 3 bags of mulch...makes sense!

Kitchen updates round #1

Bringing home Simon!

Pulling up carpet to reveal hardwood floors

Leaving our house the day Lainey was born!

Decorating a nursery was pretty fun...

Lots of family pictures in the yard...

Celebrating Lainey's 1st birthday in our backyard

This might be my favorite house related picture from the past 3 years.

Bringing home Wyatt and snuggling my babies in my warm, cozy house was pretty special.

Fireplace paint redo

Wyatt's 1st Christmas, our first as a family of 4, was fun because we celebrated here at home for the first time.

Wyatt falling asleep all over the living room all of the time for the first 4 months of his life.

Lainey's 1st Easter egg hunt in the yard.

Lots of sandbox fun this summer

Puddle jumping

We bought this home just before we were married.  We opened our wedding gifts here the morning after our wedding.  We came home from our honeymoon to this home.  We hosted lots of friends and family and shared many meals in this teeny tiny home.  We shared 1 bathroom for 3 years,  I did dishes by hand for 3 years, and I lugged laundry up and down awkward stairs from our dungeon basement for 3 years.  We brought home 2 precious babies into this 2 bedroom home.   We enjoyed countless walks in our beautiful neighborhood.  We planted flowers and gardens and painted walls and cabinets.

It makes me a little sad to know that neither Lainey or Wyatt will have any memories of this house, aside from looking at pictures (and obviously, there's plenty of those!).  But when they grow up a bit, maybe we will drive by and check on our first home and tell them stories about what a wonderful place it was for them to start their little lives.

Farewell 47th Street!  It's been a blessing to live here and start our family together in this little house.