Sunday, January 29, 2012


[Please ignore mine and my mom's crazy voices. You definitely don't realize how ridiculous you sound when talking to a baby until you hear it played back on a video.]


  1. I HATE listening to my own voice on videos but I LOVE listening to my babies voices.

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    1. Sarah you sound like a proud and loving mother! By the way, she is so cute. Where do you buy her clothes???

    2. Thanks April, I think she's adorable too :)

      I'll be honest... I really don't buy her any clothes. My sister Emily has an almost 16 month old girl and I have all of Claire's hand-me-downs...and my sister, who I love dearly, has a shopping problem and loves a good deal so she has bought Lainey many, many things also. Mostly Carters, Target, Old Navy, Gap... We are certainly blessed! I think I have bought Lainey 5 things and that's it!