Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Just a typical (wonderful) day...

I happened to take 2 videos today...truth be told, I take lots of videos. Most of them I send to family that live far, far away like Uncle Bud in Afghanistan or Grandma and Grandpa Johnson waaaay up in northern Wisconsin. Most of them aren't what many would deem as extremely exciting or milestone-worthy, but I thought I'd share 2 today.

The first is of my little giggle monster this morning. I don't know if it was my crazy morning hair (okay, it's always crazy) or my funny looking face, but she was laughing SO hard at me and I wasn't even doing anything at all! It was so sweet and cute.

Yesterday our friends Julie and Oscar came over and when they arrived, Lainey was sitting in her perch as you can see in this video, and Julie got a kick out of it. I just started setting her here on the big chair in between 2 pillows with the Boppy pillow in her lap to help contain her and her toys. She is getting really good at sitting up on her own, but of course I can't set her down on the floor quite yet and walk away, so this is a good alternative. She gets to sit up and take in the exciting sights and sounds of the living room! And she is really starting to PLAY with her new toys, which is so cute to watch her discover things and manipulate them! This video is not as interesting as the first, but it does show off a typical, wonderful moment in our house.

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