Saturday, February 19, 2011

Baby Update!

My sister has been pestering me for a belly picture so here you are Emmy Sue...
There we are, 16 weeks, 2 days. I tried to find a fun pregnancy survey to post and here's what I found...

Q: How did you find out you were pregnant?

A: It was the Sunday after Thanksgiving and after making a huge Thanksgiving on Thursday, I refused to cook for the rest of the weekend. So, naturally I requested that we go to one of our favorites, Monterrey. As we were sitting there, I had a sneaking suspicion that I was a few days late. I mentioned this to Jed and he enthusiastically said we were going to pick up some tests on the way home. I took one right away when we got home and the line showed up prrrreetty quickly. I called Jed over to look and his response was a combination of not that surprised, proud and all around just content. I, on the other hand, was actually really shocked but didn't really know what to do or say! In the following days I think I took 4 or 5 more tests ... you know, just to be sure. I just couldn't quite believe it.

Q: How far along are you?

A: 16 weeks and 2 days

Q: When are you due?

A: August 4th

Q: Where will you deliver?

A: Mercy in Des Moines

Q: Are you going to find out what you're having?

A: No! We want it to be a surprise for us, our family and friends! Some people think we/I am totally crazy but we're excited!

Q: Have you chosen any names?

A: We have some ideas ... Jed likes to joke about ridiculous names more often than not (I know you aren't surprised). As a teacher, there are many names that get thrown out the window pretty quick.

Q: How have you been feeling?

A: Much better than I was! Weeks 8-12 were not very fun. Mind you, this was over Christmas break - I think I only ate 2 cookies all of Christmas time! Though, I did enjoy taking naps all the time! I still am nauseous every once in awhile and am not a huge fan of cooking or eating a lot of meat, but every once in awhile, it strikes my fancy.

Q: How has Jed been feeling??

A: Jed is pretty excited about the baby and has conversations with my stomach a lot. At our first baby class at the hospital he took very, VERY detailed notes and kept me laughing during the entire class. I think he will be an excellent labor coach! He has been making an effort to help out more around the house and hasn't complained when I ask for weird things for dinner like rice and green beans! :) He has asked several times about projects I want done around the house before Beanie arrives ... as we speak, he and his dad are working on a big bathroom project, putting in a shower/tub surround and new vanity! I'm so thankful for my hard working husband and father-in-law!

Monday, February 14, 2011


Along with twenty-some 5th grade Valentine's last week and some gorgeous flowers from my husband on Friday, I think THIS Valentine just might take the cake this year...

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow Day #2!

Snow Day #2 was AWESOME! I was truly thankful that it was called the night before so that I could sleep peacefully knowing I didn't have to wake up and worry about getting to school safely! Jed also got to go into work late which was a blessing! He got right out to shoveling when he woke up... What a guy!With some red cheeks to prove his hard work!
I made us a yummy breakfast of scrambled eggs (YUM!)...
toast (YUM!) and hollandaise sauce (double YUM!). Hollandaise sauce was a favorite at the Wilson house growing up. I was so excited to introduce Jed to it when we got married... but it is the ONLY thing I've made that he truly does NOT like. He is the LEAST picky eater I've ever known and he doesn't like Hollandaise. I was practically offended at first but have forgiven him since. :) More for me!

I also had my second baby doctor appointment today! It went well and I enjoyed meeting one of the doctors. He was very personable and easy to talk to! I got to hear little beanie baby's heartbeat again and it was so sweet. Now that I'm feeling less nauseous ALL THE TIME I sometimes forget the little 1.5 ounce lemon sized person is in there! I wish I had one of those doppler things laying around the house so I could listen to the heartbeat whenever I wanted!