Thursday, April 30, 2015

Walk in Water Works

It's been awhile...  
I'll do a springtime highlight update to catch this ol' blog up but thought I'd skip ahead to the here and the now.

Watching the news last night, my trusty weatherman showed some sweet drone footage of Water Works park right now and I told Jed we needed to get there ASAP.  So much green, so many beautiful flowering trees!  So that's what we did tonight and Jed thought to grab the real camera, which I haven't picked up in months.  Literally.

I'm so glad he did!

Wyatt is very into David and Goliath right now and I think that's what he was doing here, ha.  We read it every single day in his toddler Bible and everything he plays and pretends is "the mean giant."  Except he says that he's a nice giant :)  My cousin and Grandma Charlotte mentioned an old Sunday School song called "Only a boy named David" and we found a real cheesy version on You Tube that we've enjoyed countless times in the last few days too.

I think I will treasure this picture until the end of all time.

She's definitely a silly one.

Tiegan is usually so full of smiles but she was pretty serious tonight.

It was a fun family night just to go wander around and enjoy the scenery!