Friday, November 29, 2013


I don't think it matters that this post is a day late because I am thankful for these ones every day...

for this boy.  Oh, this boy.  I love how he loves me and NEEDS his Momma (though it's not always convenient).  I love how he gets into everything (though it's exhausting) and is so fun and playful.  Thankful for his joyful personality.

for this little girl.  I am thankful that she is the one who teaches me how to be a mom.  I am thankful for her constant chatter and singing and that just now as I type this, she's coloring at the counter and just said, "Mommy, I love you just the way you are!"  (Not even joking)  She is pure sweetness.

for this man.  I am thankful for what a hard worker he is.  He works so hard so that I can stay home and love our kids.  He works hard all day, comes home and loves and plays with us, serves our community group and our church many nights a week and then gets up and does it again each day.  He is a great example to us.

I'm thankful for our parents and our families, our nieces and nephew, I'm thankful for my brother in law who serves our country.  I'm thankful for grace and a Savior who loves me where I'm at each day.  I, we, have so much to be thankful for.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Simple fun on an ordinary Monday

Forgive the mismatched clothes (Lainey has quite the fashion sense)...

Forgive the mess of toys and the huge blanket on the floor (we're learning and playing here)...

Forgive the blurry pictures (we're having too much fun running, crawling, squealing, and giggling to slow down for a pose)...

Wyatt's face in that series of pics just kills me.  He has a great laugh.

Thankful for a big blanket, two sweet kids and a great way to spend my Monday morning!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Celebrating Wy Guy

We had SUCH a fun couple of days celebrating Wyatt's first birthday this past week.

I took this picture the night before his birthday.  Maybe I'm the only sentimental one out there, but I was really kind of sad putting him down for the last time as a baby!  I started to reflect on the year and think about the past 365 nights (yes, I'm almost positive I've put him to sleep every single night since he was born).  365 sounds like a big number but wow... those days and nights went quickly.  I've heard it said, when it comes to all things mom or parenting related, the days are long but the years are short.  How true.  Time could slow down one of these days...!
The night before his birthday I took Lainey to the store to pick out a balloon for her brother.  She waited patiently (or not...) for the birthday boy to wake up the next morning so she could bring him his balloon!
Loving it!

 Daddy made some waffle batter before he left for work so we could have a yummy birthday breakfast!

Num num!

His first birthday gift!  A total hit.  We love Melissa & Doug toys!

This balloon was an even bigger hit.  They've been playing with it constantly!

Took the birthday boy to HyVee for some grocery shopping and a cookie.  He loved showing everyone his pointer finger to say, "HEY I'M ONE!"

We didn't really plan on doing much in the way of celebrating the night of his actual birthday, we thought we'd save the partying for Saturday but Daddy came home with this adorable little cake.  What a great dad!

Let's just say, Wyatt really, really enjoyed it.



Thanks to HyVee for the greenest green frosting that was ever created.  It required a long, long bath to get all clean!

I'd be lying if I said it wasn't a little difficult to get this dude to bed that night after a huge sugar crash from all of that cake and frosting.  Worth it?  Yes!

The next morning we had Wyatt's 1 year well check...
23 lbs, 6 oz (54th percentile) and 31.3 (96th percentile) inches of pure perfection!
He actually only gained about a pound in the last 3 months but grew about 2 inches. Big guy is slimmin down. We got the go ahead to try a bunch of new foods.  He is not weaned yet but we will try introducing some whole milk and see how it goes!

We planned a football themed party for our active little dude for Saturday!

I will never, ever win any awards for cake decorating. But I try. 

Sneaking some snacks :)

Wyatt's cousins from Cedar Rapids were able to come to the party!  So much fun having so many little ones so close in age!

Love singing "Happy Birthday" to my sweet baby!  He was obviously too enthralled by that cupcake instead of enjoying his serenade.

Another delicious mess!

Our family and friends were so generous with gifts for our big guy.  I have a lot to learn about boy toys... from tractors to big rigs and front end loaders...

He had lots of helpers trying out his new toys and new books :)

So much fun!

What can I say that I haven't already said when it comes to our boy, Wyatt.  What a blessing this little surprise was.  I had so many fears and worries about having another baby so soon but Wyatt has made it easy on us.  I know I gush about his sweet demeanor, his joyful smile, his contagious laugh often enough.  He is a joy, plain and simple.  My prayer is that he would become kind and compassionate, generous and gracious, strong and wise.  I know God has great things in store for him and I am blessed to walk alongside him and by God's grace, guide him, teach him and love him as his mom.
Happy birthday to our Wyatt!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wyatt is ONE!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our sweet son!

We are looking forward to celebrating Wyatt this weekend! 

Monday, November 4, 2013


Grandmas are so great.  I have two special Grandmas - Grandma Carey and Grandma Charlotte.  I grew up seeing them both often and I have so many special and sweet memories about both of them.  Grandma Carey's decorative shoe collection, her spunky nature, the alligator song, her clapping and "woo, woo, woo-ing"...  And Grandma Charlotte's chocolate chip cookies (and Sunday roast, and pies and...), her laugh and watching for horses in the field by her house.  So many more.  The only thing better than just having two Grandmas is when they're in the same place at the same time AND when I get to share them with my kids.

This is one truly special picture!  Lainey and Wyatt are extra blessed to have two Great Grandmas!