Saturday, July 27, 2013

Lainey Quotes

This is more for my memory than anything else but Lainey has us just rolling with her vocabulary and phrases sometimes these days...  She has quite the personality and the words to go with it.  She is sweet and POLITE, always saying please, and has something to say for everything.  The connections she makes are crazy, making sense of situations and things that happened days, weeks or months ago.  The girl really is constantly talking and often times in totally grammatically correct and complete sentences, which I think is pretty impressive for still being shy of 2.

Some of her most popular phrases are:
"I do by myself please" (love this one...)
"I need snack please"
"I got you Mommy!"
"Love you too!"
"I need hug first please"
"I go 2 stores, Target and HyVee!"

Here are a few funny videos...

Lainey really has the right idea here!

This one is from awhile ago in May, but too cute not to share...

Just a normal conversation.  She is just a chatty Cathy!

Love my smart and chatty girl!

July photo project

Well... this project hasn't really gone as planned (thanks to selling our home, buying a new one and beginning the daunting task of packing on top of doing regular life...) but I have a few more to post while I have a moment...
[day 17 - these two are best buddies!]

[day 18 - real life]

[day 20 - the zoo is exhausting for everyone!]

[day 23 - they are starting to have SO much fun together.]

[day 24 - nothing better than having your best friend over all day long!]

Friday, July 12, 2013

wyatt [8 months]

Our handsome little man is already 8 months old - full of smiles and giggles, full of joy, full of new teeth (4 of them), and full of new moves (scooting around a little, starting to pull himself up on things, talking and babbling, okay, more like yelling at the top of his lungs, "DA! DA! DA!"...)...

I think he's had another little growth spurt, he is just so long.  Such a big, healthy boy.  I'm developing quite the muscular arms!

We love our go-with-the-flow guy.  Never minds missing a nap (or taking a shorter one if we're out in the morning and he's in his car seat), would rather play with paper or cups than all of our toys and is just content to watch and interact with Lainey.  
She is his favorite and I think the feeling is mutual.  She has started talking to him like we do sometimes saying things like, "Hi little buddy!" or "So cute, Wyatt!"  She's also informed me several times lately, "This MY baby, Mommy!"  I love how she adores him so.

We love our 8 month old buddy boy!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

July Photo Project [Days 1-6]

[Day 1: Puddle jumping]

[Day 2: Sweet sibling play time]
[Day 3: Nap time > Lunch time]

[Day 4: 4th of July!]

[Day 5: Squeaky clean]

[Day 6: Our beautiful princess]

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

June phone photo dump

A random (and kind of large) assortment of pictures from June... I sadly only got out my real camera two, maybe three times all month long, so these are once again, all from my phone.  My goal for July is to take a somewhat meaningful picture every day with my camera...we'll see how that goes!
We have found a new favorite park, Wilson Park in WDM, thanks to my good friend Julie.  Just loving being outside on these beautiful days.
Our church hosted a free concert on the steps of the capital with The City Harmonic and Leeland.  It was an awesome night in so many ways - great weather, great music, great friends and most importantly the message of gospel being shared looking over the city of Des Moines.  We had a great time.

Oh my poor son, I'm so sorry that your sister loves you sooooo much.
Reading her Bible and journaling in the morning just like Mommy!
There have been a handful of days when, for whatever reason, Lainey doesn't think she needs a nap.  She usually does pretty good but then hits a wall and passes out on the couch.  Not ideal, but pretty cute.
I know I say this each and every time I post a blog, but he is just the SWEETEST little boy in the world.
We have enjoyed lots of lunches in the back yard!
Learning the blow bubbles!  I was so impressed and she was SO excited she could do it!
On our 3rd anniversary we packed up the kids, picked up a pizza and had a picnic at a park.  We got to celebrate just the two of us a few days before so this was a perfect family night.
This is Wyatt's preferred position lately - he's mastered the sitting-to-belly move and will be cruising around in no time I'm afraid.  I just love the "sitting up and playing" (and not moving) stage - it's so easy and it seems like it has gone WAY too fast!  Crawling is exciting but it changes EVERYTHING!
He's easily amused.
Most days around 5:00 PM you can find us out here waiting for our favorite guy.  (See the lovely blue sign in the background?  Does anyone themselves or does anyone know anyone who wants to buy a well loved, great little house in an awesome neighborhood? :) 
The result of a fun morning.  Love her little clasped hands.
I know I'm biased but I think she's such a beauty!  She was having the time of her life at the splash park with this empty fruit cup.
The perfect afternoon!
He loves sitting and watching all of the action at the splash park!
We've had a lot of showings during the first week our house has been on the market and a few have been around nap time... sigh.
Puzzles are one of Wyatt's favorite toys these days.  Obviously not putting them back together but throwing around and chewing on the pieces... naturally.
We were on our way to Target on Sunday night and it was a little too close to dinner time.  It's dangerous (IE expensive!) to grocery shop on an empty stomach (and with a hungry toddler) so we stopped at our favorite Mexican place first.  YUM!

June totally flew by!  Excited to enjoy more of what summer has to offer in July with my sweet family!