Saturday, January 21, 2012

Snuggle buddy

Grandma and Grandpa Johnson gave Lainey a sweet toy/doll for Christmas which we affectionately call "Glowy." I think this is one of those tried and true toys that has been around forever. Probably because kids love it. Lainey is no exception.
Love at first sight.
Don't let her lack of facial expression fool you. She was ecstatic.

You press his or her? or its? stomach and it's face glows and it plays one of four lullaby tunes. We use it as part of our nap time and bed time routine. We play it a few times then lay Lainey down and lay Glowy down and play it for her to look at and listen to as we walk away. Nearly every day and night, Lainey escapes her swaddle (yes, I still swaddle her sometimes, don't judge) for the sole purpose of playing with Glowy before she drifts off to Sleepyville. The past few days when I've gone in to check on her, I've come upon these most precious sights...
Poor Glowy. That looks uncomfortable.
I love how she just scooted her cute self over there to press her sweet cheek up to Glowy. It looks like Glowy is giving her a kiss.
And now she's giving Glowy a kiss.

Is there anything more precious than a sleeping baby? I think not.

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  1. I love those glow worms. I think I will need to find one for Kayla. They are just so sweet and so is your little Lainey!