Thursday, January 12, 2012

[5 months]

Wow, Lainey is 5 MONTHS OLD today! (I won't lie... I actually forgot and kept thinking that Friday was the 12th... All week long I kept telling people she would be 5 months on Friday...oops!) Today's photo shoot was NOT easy and I can only imagine the future monthly shots will be that much more difficult to get. She's just so wiggly and busy! (Not to mention my camera settings are all out of whack... not sure how that happened but I just could NOT get good lighting today! Boo.)

Lainey's current tricks and hobbies include: squealing, playing with a spoon (we're practicing for when we start solid foods probably in a few weeks), motoring around in her exersaucer, "dancing" and kicking when Dad plays the guitar and makes up silly songs, giggling, reaching for Simon and constantly watching him if he's around, growing hair (really! It's coming in blonde too... weird!) and SITTING! (Still not rolling... sigh)
(Simon just HAD to be in on the action. You can see clearly, Lainey loves him.)
What a joy she is! We love our sweet 5 month old SO much!

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