Monday, January 30, 2012

[another] Heat Wave!

It's just another gorgeous January (?!?!?) day here in Iowa... The high today was 65!!! My friend Bo and Lainey's BFF Penelope came over and we took the girls on a walk...

Don't they look so so so SO cute in that double stroller? Actually, I had left my stroller in my trunk and Jed took my car to work today. I couldn't justify strapping Lainey into Jed's car and burning that much gas going to Jed's office and back just to pick up the stroller, but Bo and her stroller came to the rescue. Plus, it gave us a good excuse to hang out, which is always an encouraging time. Today, we talked about grocery shopping, meal planning and budgeting among other things... Exciting, huh? :)

I have been pretty good at WEEKLY meal planning the last couple months and sat down last night to make a MONTHLY meal plan for February. I came up with 15 recipes (7 new [thanks mostly to Pinterest], 8 tried and true) and made a grocery list based on those. I don't cook every night of the week and some of the recipes I will make twice. I tried to GUESStimate how much the grocery bill will be and we'll see how accurate my estimating skills are. I still need to add in my breakfasts, our weekend breakfasts, some lunches (usually one of us has leftovers) and snacks. I will also probably be starting Lainey on some solid foods in a couple of weeks so I will need to figure that in as well. You are probably totally bored and think I'm a complete geek but I am a little excited about this. It will be a good challenge! Maybe I will blog about how it goes... :)

It really feels like Spring outside. I have a hard time reminding myself that it's really only almost February and we could potentially have A LOT of winter left. Regardless, I am so thankful for today - a beautiful, warm day and that I got to share it with my sweet baby girl!

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