Thursday, January 31, 2013

Crazy Eyes Wy

Wyatt earned this nickname early on from his Dad.  He has some intense and serious eyes sometimes, especially when he was a newborn.  These days, his eyes are focused ... usually on one thing and one thing only...

His big sister!


And again.

Wyatt is just starting to really watch and focus on things and the thing he likes to watch the most is Lainey.  It's no surprise, she's pretty busy so there's lots to watch.  I'm sure her tricks will be rubbing off on him before we know it.

Those handsome eyes!  I think he will be my blue eyed boy.  Lainey's eyes are a dark hazely brownish color.

She will have to teach him how to dance.  Her moves are awesome.  No matter what she's doing, when she hears music, she dances.  This is one of her classic moves - bouncing while twisting side to side.
She will have to teach him how to hold his head up because he's not so good at it so far!  He really hated the bumbo the first time we tried it this week.
See Wy?  Like this!

Ahhh!  Much better!  This only lasted a few moments before the tears came back.  He must have really hated it and been struggling because the kid really never cries.  When Dad got home later that night, he was loving it though!  He was saving his skills to show off to his Dad!
Also, not a huge fan of tummy time.  He doesn't usually cry, he just struggles.  Do you see the size of his head?  No wonder he can't hold it up!  That is a 95th percentile head circumference people!  I guess he's going to be extra smart.
Had to get a picture of this girl's hair.  I love her curls.  It's so funny to think about how just a few months ago, she barely had any hair.  It's growing fast.  She is pretty good about sitting still and letting me put it up in a pony or pigtails, which is a must because otherwise it's out of control.

We had another little snow storm yesterday.  I wasn't about to bundle her up and take her outside myself so we brought some snow inside.  She had a lot more fun with it this time.

Look who's watching her? :)

Wyatt has the sweetest smiles.  I think he saves the best ones for me.  He is my sweet baby boy!

Nodding off... like usual.

Want to know how I got her to smile so nice?  I asked her to say "Penelope," to which she gleefully replied, "P!!!!!!!!!"  P is her best friend and Lainey talks about her constantly.  She can also say P's parent's names, and we hear about them all of the time too.  It's adorable.  The funny thing is, when she and P are together, they don't even pay that much attention to each other.  Not yet anyway.   They're best friends - don't really have a choice at this point!

I caught these two pictures just a few days apart, but this is actually a daily occurance in our house...

I texted this one to my sister and jokingly said that maybe Wyatt has narcolepsy!  Either that or I'm just not attentive enough or quick enough to get him in his bed to nap, but seriously!  Lots of babies at his age fight sleep and get fussy (Lainey sure did), but not Wyatt.  This kid is awesome.  He is healthy and a great sleeper (obviously) and a great eater.  We are so blessed.  He must just get so exhausted from watching all of his big sister's antics I guess.  

We are loving watching these two interact and I know their relationship will continue to grow.  Honestly, I was pretty nervous to have 2 kids (well) under 2 (they are 15 months apart), but God has given me grace and helped me to view certain things that are sometimes challenging in a different light.  Children are such a blessing!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


It's a good thing Wyatt's big sis is looking out for him.  She thought he needed to wear some shoes... and not just any shoes... fancy ones!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

January Days

[If you follow me on instagram, you've already seen most of these pictures.  I just don't get my camera out as much as I'd like to.  That requires 2 free hands and I usually only have 1... or not even that!]

Lainey will be the first to remind me that it's so "brrrr" outside every time we leave the house and I definitely agree.  January is a long, cold, dark month!  Here's how we're spending some of our January days so far....
 ...cheering!  Lainey is excited and we were all praising God that even though Jed and I got hit with some kind of seriously yucky stomach virus a day apart starting New Years Day, neither of the kids got sick.  It was a rough few days, but we all survived and my house got extra clean and disinfected as a bonus!
 ...eating cereal!  Lainey is a little cereal monster and insists on eating it with a big spoon.  At least 2 bowls at a time!  Cheerios and Kix are her favorite.
 ...snuggling in Mom's lap.  I love these little cuddlebugs!  Also, somehow I often subconsiously coordinate our outfits, whether it be color schemes, patterns (like the stripes above), etc.  I don't know how it happens, but it does.
 ...getting attacked by the sticker monster!  Lainey is really in to stickers right now and she got a handful of them from Wyatt's dr appointment last week.  She shared them with Wyatt to congratulate him on a great first well baby appointment. 2 months: 14 lbs 4 oz (86th percentile) and 23.3 inches long (57th percentile).  Healthy boy, just as I suspected.
 ....reading, reading and more reading.  We rearranged our living area and got Lainey this cute little bookshelf.  Currently we're reading Barnyard DanceThe Going To Bed Book and Spot Goes to the Park on serious repeat.  I for sure have them memorized.
 ...exploring new things.  I found this idea on Pinterest, along with about a trillion others I'd like to try some day, and I happened to come across a package of pipe cleaners for 87 cents at Hobby Lobby.  Voila!  She looooooooved it and has brought it out several times since then too.  She has some really awesome fine motor skills and picked up the idea right away.
 ...hugging.  I can get a hug just about anytime I ask for one.  And sometimes when I don't even have to ask :)
 ...GIGGLING!  This little guy gave us his first laugh this week.  It. Is. PRECIOUS.  Wyatt smiles with his whole entire face and I LOVE IT.  He is such a joy.
Wyatt is the first thing/person Lainey asks for or about in the morning when she gets up.  A lot of times he's still sleeping so we go peek at him quick but this particular morning he was already awake and she insisted on him getting into bed with her.  I cannot look at this picture without smiling.  I can't believe those two are mine!

So... Lainey is HILARIOUS lately....
Example A:  Learning to say SO many new words and people's names.  
Example B: Spinning.  The look in her eyes .... oh. my. word.
Example C: Dancing.  Girl has got some moves!

All of these fun times and January is only half over!  I love spending my days with these blessings.  We eagerly look forward to 5 o'clock-ish every day when Jed gets home to show him our new tricks, words and skills.  There really is something new almost every day!  Thankful for that!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Wyatt {2 months old}

Mister Wyatt is 2 months old today!  What a blessing he is.  (I say this despite the many dirty diapers of his and that a giant spit up spell just caused me to give him a mid day bath and throw his bouncy seat cover in the wash ... that's just reality!)  The snuggles, smiles and coos... what a blessing!  I can't wait until his Dr appt this week to see how much the dude weighs.  He has lovingly been called "Skinny" but we're thankful that he's a healthy boy!  He's getting so big, SO fast.  Trying to cherish his "little-ness" as much as I can!  Here are some 2 month pictures!

Lainey won't stand to be left out of course!  She's almost 17 months!   What a great big sis she is..