Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Summer Part Uno

We have been enjoying ALL of what summer has to offer around here.  I've vowed to let go of rigid nap schedules, let the kids run and be dirty and say yes to lots of popsicles and ice cream.  I started this blog post awhile ago, but today is August 5th and sadly I can feel summer slipping away from us faster than I wish it would.  I love that we live in a place where we have seasons and truthfully, fall is my favorite but summer is a close 2nd place.  There are only so many weeks of splash parks and pools and hot evenings outside and cookouts and sweet corn and ripe watermelon... so we are taking full advantage while we can.
We enjoyed a BBQ with our community group to kick off the summer back in early June.  We are so thankful for a group of faithful 
believers and so many kids for our kids to run around with.

SOOOOO many rides home end this way and it is amazing.  He transfers nearly flawlessly to his bed and sleeps long and hard after a morning outside!

We were fortunate enough to win a summer pool pass from our awesome pediatric dentist through a Facebook contest and we have tried to take advantage of that as often as I feel up for the challenge.  And a challenge it is.  Swim suits, sunscreen, swim diapers, puddle jumpers x2, dry clothes x3, towels x3, picnic lunch or snacks x3, pool toys, etc. etc.  

But each time has been SO fun and SO worth it and I love watching my kids getting more and more comfortable in the water.
Tiegan equally loves our pool and splash park days!

Lainey doesn't transfer quite as flawlessly but every once in awhile Mom has the touch and I'm able to plop her on the couch for a quick snooze.

We have hit a few garage sales this summer too.  I usually let my kids either choose 1 book or spend $1.  This Mack truck from Cars was probably the best buy I've found so far this summer.  It comes out every day.  Lightning McQueen is huge over here.

When we added one more baby to the family, we started implementing the "divide and conquer" strategy a lot more.  I love observing the unique relationships each kiddo has with another.  They are precious all 3 together but it's fun to watch Wyatt own the big brother role a lot more when Lainey is gone.

Summer mornings should look like this!

I'm thinking we are nearing the end of Lainey napping every day.  She almost always will when we structure our day that way but many days she can go without and I let her and she is just fine.  Makes me both slightly sad but also excited to have a little extra time with just her in the afternoons.

Tiegan has gotten so good at sitting up and can do the bathtub with the big kids now!

This is how our Target trips look sometimes.  Yes, I know about the giant 2 seater carts and we use those frequently too but L loves to ride under there and if she's under there then she's not seeing the merchandise,  And if she's not seeing the merchandise, she's not asking for it.  See what I'm getting at here?

T learned to sit up early this summer and has officially entered my all time favorite baby stage.  Sitting and playing but NOT moving.  As long as she has a few toys within reach, she's happy as a clam for quite some time.

We have played a lot this summer with our neighbor and both kids just adore her.  The girls love to play pretend and dream up funny scenarios and Wyatt just runs behind and plays along and begs to ride in her giant battery powered pink truck.

Lainey had a fabulous time at the Arts Festival this year and hit all of the kids craft tents.  I hope some day she appreciates what an awesome place Des Moines is and all of the fun opportunities we have near by!

Lainey and her besties, the three musketeers who have been friends since before they were born!

After the all congregation service, Celebration Sunday, there were kids games and face painting - L LOVES getting her face painted but this was Wyatt's first time and he was so stinkin adorable and proud!

After reviewing all of these pictures, which only represent a small, small part of our summer so far I"m definitely leaning towards not wanting summer to ever end!!!!
Part II to come!