Friday, February 28, 2014

These days...

These days are so precious.  I feel like I have 2 big kids these days.  Don't get me wrong, Wyatt is still my baby (okay, so is Lainey) but they're physically bigger, they're both extremely mobile, I can communicate to some degree with both of them rather easily.  I'm not bound to nursing schedules or multiple nap schedules.  The only things that keep us home any given day are the weather or sicknesses.  I am kind of liking this big kid stuff.
These days we love to dress up like Olympic figure skater Gracie Gold and "skate" around the house.  
These days, Jed can take Lainey with him to pretty much anything, including helping out on a Friday night at the church for Upward basketball.  Lainey, Tim and Penelope were taking a break from helping to take in a game.  I'm confident in Lainey's love for me but she simply adores her dad and LOVES getting to go places with just him.
These days, we love any kind of sensory play that I'm ambitious enough to create or let them do.  The other day we had the weirdest weather.  This stuff wasn't really hail, it wasn't really snow, it wasn't really ice... but it sure was fun to play with.
These days are good for cuddling on the couch with your bestest friend.
These days we read a lot.  I mean, A LOT.  Curious George is Lainey's current go-to.  Just one story - Curious George Goes Camping.  We read it every nap time and every bed time and many times throughout the day if I'll agree.  I thought I'd see if she could recite some of it the other night and this is what happened...
I was just amazed at her memory.  It's not a rhyming book, the text isn't predictable... she just knows it.  So crazy.
These days we look forward to Lainey's Highlights magazine arrival each month.  This month there was a fun memory game in the back.  I cut out the pieces not really expecting Lainey to have the attention span or ability to play the game ... she totally blew me away.  She loves to match things in general... when things are the same color or we're both wearing leggings or something she'll declare that they match, touch them together and say, "CHEERS!"  I should have known she would do well at this game I guess.
These days, we take advantage of 50 degree weather with a trip to the zoo.  Notice Wyatt is waving to the monkeys.  Come back spring weather... come back!
These days, Wyatt loooves his blankies.  Lainey has never been particularly or consistently attached to anything like that so I think it's really sweet that Wyatt has a favorite blanket.  I think it's a special blanket too - my good friend Allison gave it to us literally hours after we found out baby #2 was a boy.  She is a sweet gift giver, that girl.  This favorite blanket has come in handy as we weaned Wyatt completely this past few weeks.  I had held off dropping his first and last feeding because he is NOT a huge fan of milk and I felt like he still needed to be getting some of those good fats and nutrients.  But it was time and we are getting a little better with the milk.  At nap time and bed time, he snuggles that blanket, lays his head on my chest for a minute then sweetly lays down and goes to sleep.  He. Is. So. Easy.
These days Lainey is getting more brave.  I use this picture as an example because Lainey has barely let our wonderful chiropractor, Dr. Ann, look at her for the past year and a half, let alone touch her.  A few weeks ago my kids were coming down with a cold so I took them to the chiropractor.  I was just planning on having Wyatt adjusted but after Dr. Ann was done with him, Lainey asked if it was her turn!  You bet, Lainey!  She did awesome.  She's getting so big!
These days... oh sweetness, this picture.  This boy is so sweet with baby dolls.  I love it.
These days Lainey falls asleep for her nap in about 2 seconds.
These days, I need to keep up with creative fun ideas for days at home.  This could not have been more simple - baking soda, vinegar, a little food coloring and a medicine dropper.  We talked about "B" is for bubbles as the chemical reaction between the baking soda and the vinegar makes little bubbles.  She stayed busy with this for a whole hour.
These days we still love bath time and still stay in there until the water is way too cold.
These days we make silly faces and take silly selfies just for fun.

I'm loving these days with my kiddos.  Just wishing the weather would turn around and spring would come!

Friday, February 14, 2014

My Loves!

Happy Valentine's Day!
Of course, Lainey was the first one up!

My little sleepy head, so confused as to all of the fuss.
A few goodies for each kiddo and some cinnamon rolls with pink frosting!  Yum!

Smooooches! I love this one!

Flashback to V Day 2013 and 2012 :)