Friday, October 24, 2014

Best Buddies

Maybe it's just the pregnancy hormones or maybe it's reality but I feel like Lainey and Wyatt have reached a new level of sibling-ship in the past few months that has been so precious to watch.  I remember a few other moms with kids really close in age telling me, the first couple years are hard but then, it's so great.  There is the struggle of learning to share, there's learning how to wait for needs or wants to be met, there's all of that.... but they have each other.  Lainey was so young when Wyatt came along that she too will never know life without her brother, just like he'll always know life with his sis.  I feel like I've gotten pictures of some really fun moments that needed shared...
It's monkey see, monkey do... ALL. OF. THE. TIME.  Usually Lainey is the instigator but sometimes it's Wyatt.  Like here, yelling, screaming, singing at the dinner table.  

They are  really affectionate with one another, a lot of times without being prompted.  Precious.

They may be best buddies but they certainly have different taste buds.  Wyatt loves sweets (like his mom).  Lainey will eat a few bites and be done.

The pajama band!

Miraculously, they can even share the iPad.

One of their favorite places to hang out is in Lainey's room.  Lainey always "reads" Wyatt one bedtime story before they go their separate ways.  We aren't sure if we'll have them share a room sometime in the future or not... it kind of depends on if this little lady coming is a good sleeper or not.  Wyatt is SUCH a good sleeper that I don't want to put them together and have Lainey ruin it for him.  She literally sleeps a good 2-4 hours less per night than he does.  It's crazy.

Snuggles!  Even my 31 week bump showed up in this one!

Thankful that God chose to surprise us with these two so close in age.  I'm sure as time goes on some things will get harder and some will get sweeter and sweeter.  Love being their mom!

Fall Fun

We've been living it up this fall season... it really is my favorite.  I love summer but I ADORE fall.  I love the cool mornings, the colors of the leaves, making chili, and all of the rest of it.  Even though I know what's around the corner...  So we get out and enjoy it as much as we can.  Or as much as my pregnant body will tolerate.  This pregnancy was treating me pretty well until a few weeks ago.  Lots of pelvic pain and soreness, more than the typical aches and pains of the third trimester.  I endured it for a few weeks and finally made time to go see my chiropractor.  Love that lady.  Not being in constant pain is pretty great but I'm trying to not push it so much so that my adjustments last longer and I can get out more and ENJOY my family!

We drove down the road to Easter Lake the other day for a little nature walk.  Kids loved it, it was a beautiful day and we collected some acorns and rocks (of course).

This is Wyatt right now.  Always holding me hand and leading me where he wants to go.  Until I say no or try and go a different way... then it's loosey goosey, Betty spaghetti, fall on the ground, etc.  That's a fun game buddy.  Not.

Lainey was getting over a cold on this day, which you can see in her eyes, but also needed to note her fantastic hiking outfit.  Right down to the fancy clicky shoes.

We also went to a teeny tiny little pumpkin patch in Ankeny with some friends a few weeks ago.  This place leaves much to be desired, but it's free and it's pretty close so we'll take it.

A few homeschool moms from our church have graciously volunteered to organize some field trips for all ages of kiddos.  The first one was to Jester Park for an insect hunt.  Thankfully, Jed took the morning and joined us, which really made the experience easier for me but WAY more fun for my kids.  Everything is better when Daddy is with us!

See?  He's the fun one.  This was right up his alley.  He was grabbing the bugs, showing the kids, getting burrs all over himself, etc.

Sister had some serious patterns going on that day.

Letting the bugs go back into the forest!  Lainey really wanted to take them home.

Wyatt was asleep before we hit the highway.

I'm sure there's more fall fun to be had in the next few weeks, we still have a bigger pumpkin patch trip planned and Halloween fun coming up too!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Oops, September happened...

So, September came and went.  It was fun... we did some things and stuff.  I think I have a serious dip in the brain cell department when I'm pregnant because I have a hard time remembering what I ate for breakfast let alone what we did a month ago but thankfully, there are pictures to remind me.
We enjoyed a few more warm barefoot evenings before the temperatures really started to dip.

Getting outside is the best in September.  The weather is mild and the scenery starts to change.

We started a little small group preschool meet up with a few friends every other week.  We rotate who hosts and plans the lesson and who brings a snack.  It's been a great time.  All 3 of these munchkins are 3, they all have younger brothers and they all are awaiting another younger sibling in the next few months.  Also, their moms are all so great and I love that we can do this together.  It's been really motivating for me to do more learning activities with Lainey at home myself.

We ventured to the Berry Patch Farm again to do some apple picking!

Still loving arts and crafts every chance she gets!

Nothing better than a warm evening and some chalk to keep us busy and happy on the evenings this momma is too tired and sore from chasing toddlers and being pregnant.  Glad Daddy has taken over most bath night duties these days as well! :)