Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Signs of the future...

Our house seems to be taken over lately...
Baby gifts and assorted items ... such a blessing!

I cleared out a shelf in the linen closet for wipes, towels, bath soap and lotion, etc. for Beanie Baby that I received at my shower...Mother's Day flowers! So sweet!A quickly growing belly... feels like I'm growing by the hour some days...
A happy puppy! (Just had to throw that one in there -- he's pretty cute!)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

April Showers...

Last weekend, some of my cousins and aunts in Minnesota threw me and beanie baby Johnson a shower to celebrate his or her arrival coming up in August. It was so much fun and such a huge blessing to receive fabulous gifts and spend time with family. I hadn't been home to Minnesota since Christmas so it had been quite some time since I had seen even my mom and of course my sister and Claire bear who live in North Carolina. It was awesome that they were able to fly in for the weekend.
My cousin Betsy loves to plan showers and does a great job. She knows I like to craft so she planned for some crafting activities for us to do as stations after we ate all of the yummy food. We decorated onesies and pinned fabric on cloth diapers to make burp rags. It was so fun! Here are some pictures from the shower...
My aunt Barb has a friend make these awesome decorated cookies! They are SO CUTE! And delicious!

My oldest godchild Isabel looking extra sweet and excited.
Some of the onesies. Mine is on the left - I painted the DTC symbol! So fun! Emily made the "wiggle worm" onesie with Claire bear's toe prints and my cousin Lisa made the one that says "Claire's cousin." :)

The burp cloth station!Our pinned projects ready to be sewn!

The rest of our weekend truly revolved around Claire and Simon. They provided all of our entertainment for the weekend (especially since the Twins managed to lose every game all weekend long...).
Simon looking oh so excited during our road trip north!
Claire checking out Uncle Jed. She thought he was pretty great! He's going to be such a fabulous dad!
Sweet baby smiles!
Claire doesn't particularly like anyone other than her mommy and daddy but there were a few occasions in which she'd led one of us hold her and play with her, so we had to really soak it up! I just love my niece!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cute OVERload!

Here's just one picture from the weekend for now... more to come. I don't know how you get much more cuteness into one picture -- a baby AND a puppy? Claire LOVED Simon (almost as much as Emily did). She got really excited when he would come up to her and loved his kisses. It was so sweet.