Monday, December 31, 2012


2012 was a truly blessed year for the Johnson family.  I can hardly believe how fast it went!  Here is our year in review... in pictures, of course!

unseasonably warm weather, book worm, bumbo time

6 months old, started solid foods, lots of smiles and sweet faces

first picnic, enjoyed spring time outside, new foods and lots of high chair time

first easter, play time with friends, visit to Minnesota

1st Mother's Day, Lainey's dedication, finger painting, 1st TULIP TIME!

#2 is a BOY, new car seat, 1st pool trip

cruising around furniture, getting into everything, 1st plane ride, trip to North Carolina, 1st visit to the ocean (for Jed AND Lainey!)

Lainey's 1st birthday!

trip to Minnesota for Labor Day, walking toddler!

enjoying fall, trip to apple orchard, Halloween at Jed's office

sweet time with Lainey before her brother's arrival, welcoming Wyatt, baby snuggles, Lainey meets a horse on Thanksgiving
preparing for Christmas, special visitors from NC, snow day, celebrating Christmas!

So much has happened in one year.  We've been abundantly blessed.  I can't wait to see what 2013 has in store!

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