Friday, December 28, 2012

dear Lainey {16 months}


These days you are both a hilarious toddler and a blessed frustration, often within 10 seconds of the other.  You know what you want, but you don't know what you need or what's best ... I suppose that one won't change for the next 17 years or so.  Your vocabulary is exploding but it's still really tough to understand what you're saying sometimes and you tend to stick to single syllables most of the time.  Da, Mom, do(g), fsh, NO (you know that one real well), hi, doh (window), tee (tree), chair,  Sigh (Simon), Pa (Grandpa), Bee (baby), NeeNee (Lainey), nack (snack), car, waffle, shee (sheep), pig, see (horsie)...the list goes on.  You have started to put words together though.  Tonight you said "Bye Wy, bye baby, bye Sim" on your way to go to bed.  It was so totally precious.
You love dressing up.... scarves, random articles of clothing, etc.  You insisted on wearing this little ensemble to bed the other night.  It was the most precious sight to peek in on you sleeping in your crib, with this tutu on.  So sweet.

One of the funniest things about you right now is your LOVE of nap time and bed time.  You are the only child I've ever heard of who literally leaps out of our arms into your crib most afternoons and evenings.  You consistently nap for 2-3 (glorious) hours and are more than ready for bed by 7:30pm and stay there without a peep for 12 hours each night.

You're a great eater and you're SO good with your spoon and fork.  Helps a lot these days since I don't have enough hands to hold or nurse a baby and feed you at the same time!

I love including you in on cooking and baking in the kitchen.  My friend Allison got you this adorable apron and you are pretty tickled with it.  Sitting on the counter or stovetop is your favorite thing these days.
You loooove animals.  Books about animals, animals on TV and your Little People zoo are the best.  You amaze me with what you know - you can point out animals when I name them that I can't ever remember teaching you.  You also love telling us what animals "say" - your best ones are for dogs, sheep, monkeys and chickens.  Here's a video of you and your zoo...

Your dad and I are loving this age.  It is so fun to teach you new things and words and watch you figure things out on your own too.  We think you are so great and we are so thankful for you!

Love, Mom

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