Saturday, December 15, 2012

Ho ho ho...

Look who we met today...

Doesn't Lainey look thrilled?  We talked about going to see Santa and we've been working on so many new words these days and she was even trying to say "Ho ho ho!" recently but of course, wouldn't sit on Santa's lap or even crack a smile in his direction.  Wyatt was obviously loving it!  She perked up once we walked over to see the "fsh"and she gladly pointed out every other creepy taxidermy animal in the giant store.  

If anyone is wanting to go see Santa and not wait in the ridiculous lines at the mall, Bass Pro Shop in Altoona is a great option.  It was busy, but not too crazy (and that is really saying something coming from me - I am NOT a fan of crowds!).  They even have crafts for older kids and holiday related games and of course, the ginormous fish tank is always a hit!  You can also pick up any desired clothing item in some shade of camouflage if you so choose!  
(PS I just had to google how to spell "camouflage" and one of the common search phrases that popped up was "camouflage prom dress" ... REALLY?!?)

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