Sunday, January 6, 2013

Wyatt {2 months old}

Mister Wyatt is 2 months old today!  What a blessing he is.  (I say this despite the many dirty diapers of his and that a giant spit up spell just caused me to give him a mid day bath and throw his bouncy seat cover in the wash ... that's just reality!)  The snuggles, smiles and coos... what a blessing!  I can't wait until his Dr appt this week to see how much the dude weighs.  He has lovingly been called "Skinny" but we're thankful that he's a healthy boy!  He's getting so big, SO fast.  Trying to cherish his "little-ness" as much as I can!  Here are some 2 month pictures!

Lainey won't stand to be left out of course!  She's almost 17 months!   What a great big sis she is..

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