Thursday, December 6, 2012

1 month already!

Crazy to think this sweet babe has been around for a whole month already!  It seems like just yesterday even though he fits in our family just perfectly.   I told a friend this week that Wyatt has pretty much been sleeping for the past 4 weeks.  I was only slightly exaggerating. He is a good sleeper. He is definitely starting to have more awake times, is a little more particular about when and how he'll fall asleep and he's showing a teeny bit more fussiness. That said, he's still a really great baby. I'm blessed indeed.

As you can see from the pictures, he is a good sized boy. He was 9 lb 9 oz at 2 weeks and I really don't know what he weighs now 2 weeks later's a lot. He seems to have really filled out this past week. I'm cherishing this time when they're so little much more this time around...I now know from experience just how quickly it passes.

He has spent his first month of life outside the womb going with the flow, hanging out in his swing (a lot), letting his big sister nuzzle her big curly head into his cheek or his belly, visiting the chiropractor for the first time and all in all being a wonderful blessing!

I wanted to be sure to document his monthly growth in pictures like I did with Lainey. The funny little stuffed animal you see next to him was his Dad's.  His Grandma made it for him using the lining of his Grandpa's coat. How special is that?  Wyatt's Grandma Mary spruced it up a little bit recently.  We will use it to compare just how big and strong he gets over the next year!

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