Friday, December 21, 2012

Life at home lately...

With the temperatures getting colder, (plus with a roaming toddler and nursing infant...) we've been staying in a little more often but we are staying busy and happy at home!

This little one just started smiling last week and it absolutely melts my heart!  He is just so stinkin' sweet. (Even though our nights are getting harder... :(

I picked up some McDonalds on the way home from story time one day for lunch and shared a few french fries with Lainey.  She looooved them and looooved dipping them in ketchup.  I think I created a ketchup monster.

Is that hat not the cutest thing you've ever seen?  

I spent ALL day this Wednesday making my Grandma Charlotte's cinnamon rolls for Jed to take to work for food day, only to have his office closed (along with the rest of the city of Des Moines!) on Thursday.  He still took them today and I hear they are a hit!  I thought they turned out pretty good too!  Mmmm!

Wyatt's first snow day!  We perched him next to the bay window in his bouncy seat and he loved looking outside!
But this is actually how Wyatt spent most of his snow day...!

While Dad was out snow blowing the driveway, we brought some snow INSIDE to play with!  Lainey wasn't a huge fan but we'll try it again...

My good friend Jill took me on a belated birthday date on Tuesday night!  It was my first outing without the kiddos for something FUN (although solo trips to Hy Vee and Target these days are pretty great) and it was so wonderful.  Wyatt drank a 5 oz bottle from his Daddy-o!  Way to go buddy!  Lainey never really took a bottle so she was pretty much attached to me for 10 months so this was huge.  Anyway, this is what I arrived home to.  How sweet!

We've been getting into more coloring lately!  So fun!

Here are a few videos from my adorable kiddos...  The first is Lainey trying to say "Ho! Ho! Ho!" and the second is a video of Wyatt being adorable.  He seemed to have found his voice this week!

We are super excited to see both sets of Grandparents this weekend and celebrate CHRISTMAS!

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