Monday, June 4, 2012

Dear Lainey

Dear Lainey,
I am glad that today is almost over.  I don't mean to complain... maybe I can use the remembrance of this day as a reminder in the future to be thankful in my heart and grateful.  Today was one of our worst days in a long, long time.  You just aren't acting yourself today. 
As much as I love you, I also love when we are all sleeping - it is good for all of us, but you decided you would rather be awake from 1am to 3am last night.  That was rough for Mommy.  I tried several times to get you back to sleep and it took 2 whole hours - that is so not like you.  Then, Daddy's alarm went off reeeally early so he could make it to the airport for his business trip.  I am thankful that you didn't hear him getting ready and you slept soundly until 7 am (even though 7 was still a little too early for me today!).
We had really been making progress with you taking bottles/sippy cups better but today you were not even close to interested in anything, yet you seem hungry and want to eat constantly.  That is exhausting for Momma.  I need you to figure this one out, and soon.
You really struggled with naps today too.  Now that you are crawling and can go from all 4's to sitting, you have a hard time falling asleep in your crib.  It breaks my heart, you just sit there and cry.  I'm not really sure what to do about that one.  When you did sleep today, it was only for 30 minutes at a time.  You wake up so so so sad and I know it's just because you're one tired girl. 
We tried to go to the splash park with some friends this morning and you were in quite a mood.  You wouldn't sit in your stroller, you wouldn't sit in my lap, you wouldn't barely touch the water, you just wanted to snuggle.  I'm sure some day I will definitely miss that, but today I wanted you to have fun and enjoy the water! 
Even at dinner time, you didn't want to eat much.  Usually you love feeding yourself but I had to alternate feeding you bites of yogurt and green beans to get you to eat your veggies.
I'm ready to have a fresh start again tomorrow.  Pretty, pretty please let me sleep a little more tonight?  We both need it!
Love love love you,


  1. Oh no! I'm sorry you guys had a rough day! I hope tonight is better too. Sleep makes everything better. I bet Lainey is just going through a lot of changes right now.

  2. Aww poor girl and poor mama! Not to worry you, but that sounds like when Wes came down with Hand Foot & Mouth disease. He wouldn't eat and he didn't sleep well. Then I saw sores around his mouth a few days later and realized he had sores in his mouth/throat which was why he didn't eat or sleep well. I hope she doesn't have it, but just thought I would mention. Take care, friend!

  3. aaahh what a day you had! She wasn't cutting teeth was she?