Tuesday, May 29, 2012

On the move! (and other updates)

Lainey is officially crawling as of Saturday!  She has been scooting and moving around for at least a month but she finally put all of the pieces together this weekend.  It was really exciting to watch her discover her new abilities.  She was pretty pleased with herself!  And we were so proud of her!  Here is a video of one of her first crawling treks...

She was still pretty slow and hesitant until late this afternoon.  She crawled all of the way from the rug in the living room to the kitchen without stopping or slowing down.  I think I will be cleaning my floors a little more often as she is also an expert at finding the tiniest pieces of things she shouldn't be finding (and then putting them in her mouth).  I guess since little Miss Big Stuff has 4 teeth now she thinks she can eat anything and everything ... which she does.  She has quite the squeal and whine if we don't share whatever it is we're eating at any given time.  Therefore today, she got her first taste of french toast this morning and spaghetti tonight.  I'm pretty sure those aren't on the "approved baby food for 9 month olds" list. 

Lainey keeps me pretty busy but I am often reminded that we have another peanut on the way as I am still not feeling the best some days.  I am 16 weeks so...
An avocado!  That's exciting!  I'm trying to remember when I felt Lainey move for the first time and I *THINK* it was around 18-20 weeks so that should be right around the corner and I can't wait!  That is the best!  We have a doctor appointment tomorrow and I am looking forward to hearing his or her little heartbeat again.  Speaking of HIM or HER... I think we are once again leaning towards not finding out the gender of this little babe.  The moment Lainey was born and we heard "It's a GIRL!" was one of the best, best, BEST moments ever, if not THE best.  The planner in me wants to find out to be "ready" but I think waiting for that moment is actually going to be totally worth it again.  We'll see... Jed is really leaning towards not finding out and I go back and forth.  We have 4 weeks until my next appointment to decide! 

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