Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ultrasound day!

We've had this date on the calendar for quite awhile and knew it would be an exciting day.  Ultrasounds are, I think, so amazing!  But just last week, we decided that along with checking out our baby's head size, organs, arms, legs, etc. we would also find out the gender this time!  Keeping it a surprise with Lainey was awesome and totally worth the wait but we thought we'd try it the other way this time and it was a really fun experience!

We wanted to make it fun and still exciting so I had a card inside an envelope that said, "Baby #2 is a .... boy or girl," and I asked the ultrasound tech to circle whichever one and then seal up the envelope.  A few times during the ultrasound, she asked us to look away from the screen which lead me to believe maybe it was a boy, but I also figured since she knew this was our 2nd baby, we probably just knew what we were looking at and looking for and wanted to help us keep it a surprise for a little while.  The baby was not super cooperative and she had a really hard time getting a good profile shot and while she wasn't concerned about anything, she also didn't get a good look at the umbilical cord and the belly so she wanted to schedule me to have another ultrasound at my next appointment (score!).  Everything else looked great and healthy!  

 After the ultrasound, I had a normal appointment and then we headed off to enjoy some bagels at Bruegger's (yummm!) and open our surprise envelope!  Here's Lainey checking out the pics of her little sibling...

Then we all wrote down our guesses...

Lainey guessed "dog" - it's her first word!

Jed guessed girl!

I guessed boy.  I really didn't have a feeling either way, my guess was totally random.

Jed and Lainey opened the envelope... (Note the excitement on Jed's face! :)

It's a BOY!

(I'm going to go ahead and say that Lainey was NOT in fact frowning about having a baby brother.  I think her face is the result of 2 things: 1 - she woke up at 5:47am and this was about 8:45, therefore she was tired and 2 - she wanted some of my bagel!)

We were so excited!  There were a ton of them but here are a few pics of the little mister...

We are so excited to be adding another blessing to our family and are excited to welcome a little boy in November.  I was so dead set last year that Lainey was a boy, but I was (obviously) wrong.  I am truly loving being a momma to a little girl and I am so excited to love our little guy too!


  1. I love this post!! Congrats! Little boys are SO much fun! My guess was boy :)

  2. Yay! It's so fun having one of each! :) Now...on to choosing a name?!