Saturday, June 9, 2012

(Mostly) Loving Summer

We are well in to June and it is definitely summer in Iowa!  We have been busy doing so many fun summer time things.  Having a little mover and a shaker makes all of these things more interesting, that's for sure but we are loving every second of it.  Well almost every second of it... 
 This is the first time Lainey sat in the grass and didn't flip out!  Yeah!  She'll sometimes venture a little off of our blanket, but not too far.  I don't blame her - the grass makes me itchy too!
 Since we've been so busy and my hands are more full than normal, I haven't taken too many good pictures - just lots on my cell phone so some of these will have to do!
 Auntie Em and Uncle Bud sent Lainey a sweet summer package stocked with pool toys, a beach towel, sunscreen and swim diapers!  She looks excited buuut...
 Lainey is not loving the water these days.  She is even borderline hating bath time right now.  She is happiest at the splash park or wading pool to sit on her blanket and eat a snack.  We are going to keep trying ... this momma will NOT spend the whole summer inside and if it's hot out, I'd much prefer to be by or in the water!
 Watermelon is definitely at the top of Lainey's favorite foods list!  Jed is playing volleyball on Thursday nights out at Jordan Park camp and it is so fun to go out there, see our friends, enjoy the outdoors and of course, the free watermelon!  Who ever's idea that was... way to go.
 Friday's splash park trip was the most successful to date.  I think since it was a bit warmer AND one of her BFF's Penelope came (who is fearless in the water), Lainey was a bit more willing to be in the water. 
Today's trip was not as successful.  Jed was working hard in the yard and we left a little later than I had planned and were cutting it a little too close to nap time.  Daddy also overestimated how much Lainey "likes" the water and sat right down in it with her a little too soon.  Oops.  Lainey needed some snuggles from her Momma and ended up briefly falling asleep while we were sitting in the water among tons of crazy bigger kids running around!  Silly girl.  I think in all we were there about 30 minutes, which was a little disappointing (at least for me - I could stay there all day!). 

Things we still want to do this summer:
Walk to Snookies
Go to the big pool
I-Cubs game
More picnics!
More garage sale-ing!
Take Dad to the zoo
Classic Frozen Custard (a South side delicacy!)
Raccoon River Beach
...and more!

Here's to summer!

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