Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wyatt's 1st Road Trip!

We took a trip up to Minnesota this past weekend to visit my family!  We hadn't been up to visit since Labor Day, which was quite awhile.  Part of the reason we visited was to eat Leann Chin (my favorite!).  Just kidding, kind of.  Really, we wanted to introduce our new little man to my Grandma Carey which we were able to do on Sunday.  We had a great weekend and as always my parents were great hosts.  Here are a few pics from the weekend...
She was a champ in the car!  Just needed some good books and snacks!
 Like usual, Wyatt stayed true to his sleepy self and enjoyed lots of naps.
Lainey on the other hand slept great at night but didn't think napping was cool.  We took her on a little drive one afternoon and that did the trick.

Mom and Dad enjoyed some peace and quiet and got coffee and drove around while Lainey snoozed.

Just being silly and reading some books.
Great Grandma Carey checking out the lil guy.  I believe her actual words were, "What a CHUNK!  I can't believe the size of this child!" :)  Yes, he's a little on the healthy side.

The perfect chair for this little momma and her baby.  You can tell she's "shh"-ing her to sleep :)

We found my very first dance costume and Lainey looooooved trying it on and dancing in it.  She insisted on wearing it several times throughout the weekend.  Made my heart melt a little.

One of my favorite "meals from home" - boneless bbq ribs, cheesy potatoes... mmmm!

Lainey did great in the car both on the way up and back, as did Wyatt.  We made both trips without even stopping!

We had a great trip and can't wait to go back sometime in the spring or summer and enjoy Minnesota some more!

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