Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Snowed in!

We didn't really plan on being snowed in today but that we were.  What was supposed to be an inch of snow ended up being a lot more.  Not mad about it!  It was sure fun to look at through the window.  I got to enjoy my little ones inside where we were cozy and warm.
I could have put him down to sleep... but I didn't want to.
Her new favorite snack.  Tastes best in a bowl that's almost as big as she is.
Watching the snow fall.  Isn't she beautiful?!
Telling Wyatt all about that white stuff falling from the sky.
It was a little too windy to go out... that and I just didn't want to.  So, we brought some snow inside.  Lainey had a snow tea party with Simon.
He sleeps a lot.
We just started bathing these two cuties together.  They both love it.  So do I.  Nothing smells better than a baby after a bath!

Truth be told, it was a good day but there was a fair share of whining and fussing being cooped up all day.  My kind husband came home with a Starbucks in hand for me, knowing it had been a long day.  He loves me.

Our plans for tomorrow morning were already cancelled but we must get out and brave the elements!  Anyone want visitors? :)

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