Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lainey [half birthday! 18 months!]

When you're little, half birthdays are a big deal!  Lots has happened in the past 6 months since Lainey turned one.  And if you ask her how old she is, she'll tell you she's "2" (it's the only number she knows) but show you with her finger she's "1" so I guess if you meet in the middle, she's right!  18 months! :)

These are really random phone pictures but they give an accurate picture of real life!
This 18 month old loves to...
check the mail!  She especially loves when she gets special notes and stickers from her Grandma Johnson!

wear grown-up's shoes and slippers.  She's got quite good at walking in them as well!

have stair climbing races with her friend P!

do crafts, finger paint and color!

build ANYTHING!  She'll stack just about anything on top of something else and exclaim, "TALL!"

take care of her babies.  She is quite the little momma.  In this pic she's even got the twins thing down!

She loves to talk.  I made a list of words she can say and I keep adding to it daily.  She's at 33 so far.  She is even starting to put together very simple phrases and will sometimes say "please" without having to be asked to.  She loves to climb and is working REALLY hard at mastering climbing on to the couch.  A few times she's gotten up there with the help of using her brother's bumbo chair as a step stool and has proceeded to fall off, of course. :)  Hasn't learned that lesson yet!  She loves to dance and loves to be sung to.  She'll sign "more" and say "song" and she has a handful of favorites - some we took home from story time, some other random ones but she's getting good at the actions and even trying to sing along.  Her favorite book right now is "Barnyard Dance" and she has great moves to go along with the words to that too.

Time goes so, so incredibly fast.  I can't even believe she's gone from this...
[1 day old]
[6 months]
[1 year]
[18 months]

Thankful for our sweet, happy, healthy girl who learns something new every day!  It's such a blessing to spend my days with her and witness each moment.
Happy half birthday Lainey!

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