Saturday, February 23, 2013

Family Day {and other stuff}

Today we spent a fun morning together as a family.  Between weather, family visits, bathroom renovation re-do's, trips and having a new (although he doesn't seem quite so new anymore) baby, we haven't had a chance to do all that much lately.  We made muffins this morning, Skyped with my family in North Carolina to catch a glimpse of sweet baby Will and then headed to Merle Hay Mall (the mall with it all).  This mall really does have it all, even the Red Rock Wildlife Education Center.  They have wolves, bears, a coyote, red foxes and more.  IN THE MALL.  I know, right?  They had a short program and they talked about snakes and bats.  Kind of lame, but still a fun time.

After that we went to Felix and Oscar's for lunch.  Thank you Groupon.
Lainey is bringing back the mean mug.  She thought she was pretty big stuff with her own cup (of water).  I should mention that Wyatt, not surprisingly, slept through the entirety of our family outing.  Apparently, he thinks we're lame.  After lunch we came home for naps and then later we bundled up and went outside.
What a fun family day!

Earlier this week, they forecasted another giant snow storm.  Flop. We only got 5 or 6 inches but it was the most wonderful 5 or 6 inches of light, fluffy snow we've gotten all winter!  Friday morning it was sunny out and about 20 degrees so during Wyatt's first nap I bundled Lainey and myself up and we headed outside!

So, she wasn't loving it so much at first.  Maybe she was mad that I stuffed her into some 12mo snow pants that are just a tad too small.  I promised her I will get her some that fit next year.

We were given this awesome play house from one of Jed's co-workers and this was the first time she got to see it and go inside.  I think she would have been a thousand times more elated had she not had to wade through the snow but she did like it in the end.

Simon, however has been enjoying the play house in the back yard for a few days.  Simon LOVES the snow too.

I think she did have a good time playing outside for the whole 20 minutes we were out there.  All I heard the rest of the day was "Side?" (outside) "Show?" (snow) "Sled?"  There's 3 more words for the list!
Love this picture.  Unbundling, runny nose and all!

I think 3 "snow storms" are enough for one winter and now we are really looking forward to spring.  Hopefully it's just around the corner!

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