Thursday, March 29, 2012

Right or left?

Is Lainey going to be a righty or lefty?

I don't really know when these kind of things are determined in a child but Lainey definitely favors eating with her left hand. She has gotten really good at picking up and eating puffs on her own. Such a big girl!

Here she is using her right hand, but I will say that the picture doesn't show that she was holding the banana with her right hand and eating puffs with her left hand! I tried to cut up little pieces of banana for her to eat but they were too slimey so I just gave her a hunk of it and she really went to town. She was so proud of herself for eating her banana like her momma! It is such a joy to watch her learn and discover new things!


  1. Adam tries to get Amaia to feed herself with both hands, because he wants her to be ambidextrous (sp??). Ha! I am going to have to try giving Amaia a banana like that too!! I miss you guys! I never see you now. We should have a play date some day soon I think :)

  2. I'm scared to give Kayla a big chunk of banana like that because she takes such big bites of stuff. Little piglet! But I learned a trick to making slippery food baby finger friendly! Once I cut up the banana or what ever kind of slipper fruit it is I pour baby oatmeal (or rice or whole wheat) over it and toss. Wala! No more slime