Monday, March 19, 2012

Another great weekend...

We were lucky enough to enjoy two weekends in a row with visitors. This weekend Grandma and Grandpa Wilson came to town from Minnesota! We had a great, great time! Lucky for Lainey, there is a Carter's store at the outlet mall in Minnesota on the way down so Lainey's spring/summer wardrobe has expanded greatly in the past 2 weekends. Both of our parents are so generous towards us. Up until Friday, Lainey had been wearing the same pair of capris all week due to the warm weather - they were the only ones we had and we were TOO busy enjoying the great outdoors to make it to the store to buy anything else!
Here is one of Lainey's cute new outfits (sorry, the only pics I got this weekend were from mine or my parent's phones!)

My parents got in late Friday and we visited and enjoyed some cake (more on that cake later!). Saturday morning, Lainey was excited to see 2 new faces to play with all day! We ate a big breakfast and played all morning. After Jed got done with his last Upwards game of the season, we headed to my aunt and uncles in Pella to enjoy the rest of the afternoon. We walked to the bakery for some treats, watched a ton of basketball and grilled out. Lainey was really pooped by the end of the day - she was a little more cranky than normal and I think I've concluded that her teeth/gums are bothering her. She sprouted her first tooth about 2 or 3 weeks ago and I think the others are on their way. Her sleep has been really inconsistent, fingers in her mouth constantly, etc.

Sunday morning my parents met us at church and then we headed to Panera downtown for lunch. YUM! Lainey loved sitting in a high chair like a big girl and getting to munch on an apple slice for the first time...
Will someone please cut and peel this thing for me?!
Much better! Yum yum!
Lainey gave us lots of goofy smiles and funny faces during our lunch. She's such a joy!

We can't wait to see Grandma and Grandpa Wilson again in a few weeks when we go to Minnesota for Easter. Lainey is SUCH a blessed little girl to have 2 sets of Grandparents who love her SO much!

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