Saturday, March 10, 2012

Grandma and Grandpa Johnson's visit!

We were lucky enough to have Jed's parents here for part of this past weekend. It is always a treat for them to come since they live a good 8 hours away. We love their company and they always come bearing lots of fun gifts and treats, not to mention their fine handywork services. We are so blessed by their generosity. This weekend was no exception! Lainey was quite a ham and really loved all of the attention and extra people to play with and show off to.
Lainey got to show off all of her fun toys and new tricks.
There is just something about a grandpa and his granddaughter. Grandpa Paul adores Lainey!

This was HILARIOUS. He was trying to get her to take steps to the bathtub and she was practically running her feet were moving so fast. She's going to be a little speedy gonzales!
The big project of the weekend was taking out our old nasty ceiling fan and replacing it with a new light fixture. Much more complicated of a task than I would have imagined. Good thing I wasn't the one in charge and Grandpa Paul is such a knowledgeable handyman!
Naturally, Lainey supervised while sporting her new fun summer hat in honor of the gorgeous weather outside today.

Here's the final product of the new light fixture! It's SO bright and it looks great.
(Excuse the messy table :)

We were sad to see them leave but since we have another sweet niece on the way in June, it won't be TOO terribly long until we see them again!

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  1. I need/want to come visit you to see all these home improvements in person... And you and babes also!!