Thursday, March 1, 2012

(another) Why is it...

[I guess I'm feeling very inquisitive this week...]
...that babies LOVE playing with things that aren't really toys?
(Or things that aren't theirs for that matter...?)Yes, that is baby tylenol. Yes, it's empty. Yes, I supervise my child.
(Lainey's actually only been given tylenol a handful of times, I accidentally spilled it awhile back, hence the emptiness.)

And why is it that babies LOVE remotes?!? Lainey especially loves to turn up the volume. It never fails ... every time she gets ahold of it if the TV is on, she somehow presses the volume button up, up, UP!

Finally, why is that morning time is so wonderful? I love it. Lainey always wakes up happy as a clam and we always have a great little play time in the morning. She is the BEST. I wouldn't want to spend my mornings any other way!
(Though... sometimes I do miss sleeping but I do love my morning coffee :)


  1. This is SO true! Ha! Amaia knows where the remotes are at all times and tries whatever she can to get to them. LOL :)

  2. yes!!! Kayla loves everything that is not a toy. My cell phone, the remotes, the cordless mouse, the lap top, cords, etc, etc! But there so cute it makes it hard to say no!