Wednesday, October 16, 2013

[wyatt] 11 months!

Mister Wyatt is 11 MONTHS!  I can't even believe we're that close to the big O-N-E.  I have been feeling like now instead of having a kid and a baby, I have two kids.  That is such a fun and somewhat bittersweet thought. 

We continue to delight in Wyatt and his joy filled personality.  He gives the CHEESIEST grins and seems to already have a genuine sense of humor.  For example, when I try and give him a stern, "No, no Wyatt," he laughs at me.  Just laughs in my face.  Oh, what am I in for with this boy?!

Speaking of... this boy has no fear.  None.  Diving off couches and down staircases, climbing over obstacles, trying to wrestle his sister and his dog... he is 100% BOY! 

He is wild but he is SWEET and he has an especially sweet spot for his Momma.  He desperately reaches for me if I'm not close enough for his liking or when I come into a room like he's never been held in his life.  Funny boy.
We love our big boy Wy!

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