Monday, October 21, 2013

Pumpkin Patch Part 2

We have really taken full advantage of all kinds of fall activities this year and loved every minute.  Saturday we headed out to the Winterset/St. Charles area and went to The Pumpkin Ranch!  (Thank you Groupon)  It was a bit on the chilly and windy side but we bundled up and made the best of it.
I loved this sign that said "How Tall This Fall?"  Will be fun to try and get back there next year to compare!

Wyatt's height is deceptive with that huge hat on his head.

I love this guy.  He was a trooper hanging out in the stroller most of the time we were there.

Lainey and Jed headed down the BIG slide!  

Jump jump!

It's funny how a toddler has such a small and short attention span.  She literally did each activity for a couple minutes then saw something else she wanted to go see or do.

Lainey and Jed stood in line to ride a horse so Wyatt and I did some exploring.

He could swing for hours!

Brr... I look cold.  Yeah, it was cold.

In the end, Lainey did not ride a horse.  She was so excited... She introduced herself to the lady helping, and even let her hold her but then when it came time to hop on, she got really scared.  I can't blame her... horses are large creatures!  She's still talking about the horsie named Domino though so I bet next time she'll definitely do it.

Wyatt... ready to go.  Lainey, too busy with her popcorn.

We took 4 pumpkins home - a big one, a medium sized one and 2 munchkin pumpkins for my munchkins.  We picked up some acrylic paints so the kids could paint their little punkins.

Listening intently to directions I'm sure....

This was as short lived as it looks... Wyatt cannot be trusted with crafts.

Lainey on the other hand loved it.  She took her time and took careful attention to each detail and stroke of the paint brush.

The Pumpkin Ranch is open one more weekend in October.  I'd definitely recommend it.  The drive out there is beautiful and they have lots to offer for the whole family.

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