Saturday, September 7, 2013

[wyatt] 10 months!

10 reasons why Wyatt is the best little 10 month old around...
1.  He continues to be the smiliest, happiest little guy.  I cannot shop through a store without someone stopping me to comment on how cute he is, to which he flashes them a huge grin, to which they get even more excited about his adorable-ness.
2. He has 6 teeth.
3. He is FINALLY sleeping better, 12ish hours, up just once to eat in the wee hours of the morning, then right back to sleep. Yeah!
4. He can climb our entire flight of stairs without any hesitation or trouble.  I'm not saying this is necessarily a good thing, but it is surely impressive.  And exhausting.
5. He is still dominating the peg leg crawl.

6. He is getting so good at trying lots of teeny tiny bites of table foods - loving toast, watermelon, sweet potatoes and pretty much anything else we give him.  I can't wait to be done with baby food.
7. He can cruise on all kinds of furniture and has had a few moments of standing on his own in the past few days.
8. He loves to crawl and hang out under the kitchen table.
9. He is so great at mimicking sounds back and forth... squealing, growling, gasping, da-da-da-ing, you name it, he will do it.
And finally,
10. He loves to play rough with his Daddy and loves to laugh at and chase his sister, but I think he loves just being held by and tickled his Mommy best of all :)

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