Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Apple Orchard

We got to spend a BEAUTIFUL Saturday morning at the Berry Patch Farms near Ames a few weeks ago.  It was seriously the most beautiful day and even better, I got to spend it with so many of my favorite people.  I HIGHLY recommend this place and we plan to go back next year and do the blueberry and strawberry picking seasons too!  It didn't hurt that we were near Ames and therefore hit up Hickory Park for lunch too.  YUM!
 Good thing we had Jed there to grab some of the best apples way at the top of the trees!
 We had extra special visitors that weekend, Jed's uncle Mike and aunt Carol from Wisconsin who were in town visiting.  It was so much fun to spend time with them as we hadn't seen them since our wedding over 3 years ago!
 Lainey and Claire chomped on apples all the way through the orchard!
 This Momma LOVES an opportunity to snap a picture with her family and her sweet kids.  Definitely rare and so treasured!

 Will was there too... just hangin out!
 I always slice Lainey's apples... she had never eaten an apple whole.  Needless to say, she figured it out quickly and worked on the same apple during our whole trip.  She munched right to the core!

Someone loves his Auntie Em.
We left with 3 giant bags of honeycrisp apples.  I've never tasted a more delicious apple in my entire life!  So far, we've made 4 jars of apple sauce, apple crisp, 4 bags of apple pie filling and 2 loaves of apple bread.  And we still have apples left.  And we ate several whole and raw.  I'd say that was a morning well spent!

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