Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Sunday

We enjoyed a wonderful Easter Sunday today.  Lainey's vocabulary grew this weekend as we taught her a few new words ... Easter, died (as in, Jesus died), and alive (as in, He is alive!).  She repeated the sequence a few times, which was really sweet.  I'm glad she seemed to have caught on (in her own toddler understanding) to the real reason we celebrate Easter, because she also was pretty excited about things like eggs and baskets this week/weekend too!  Holidays are always a good excuse to dress up a little and take a few pictures so we did some of that today as well.
Sweet girl before church!

Me and my big sweet boy!

While Lainey was napping, I went outside and hid a few Easter eggs in the yard.  The great thing about little kids is that they have no idea what to expect when it comes to things like this.  Lainey could have cared less that I only put 1 or 2 of the cheapest brand of jelly beans in her Easter eggs.  Or that I put packages of fruit snacks that she got in a package from her grandparents that she had already seen in the bigger eggs.  It was still just as fun! So after Lainey woke up and when Wyatt went down for his nap, we went outside.

Checking out the loot!

Then Wyatt woke up so I could catch a few pictures of both of my cute kids!

So sweet to share!

He is SUCH a little stud!

A poor, poor attempt at a family photo.  (Lainey didn't get the memo.)

I hope you all were able to enjoy your Easter holiday as well celebrating the death and triumphant resurrection of Jesus!


  1. Wyatt is so stinkin' cute! Just love his handsome face!

  2. That half smirk that Wyatt gave was so adorable!