Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Last week we were blessed enough to spend 3 ENTIRE extra days with our favorite guy.  It was such a treat.  Jed had some carry-over PTO from last year that needed to be used by April 1 so we got to enjoy a 5 day weekend as a family.  We kept him super busy doing lots of fun things...

A trip to the Science Center!
[Lainey obviously had the TIME of her LIFE!]

 Lainey basically made Jed eat almost every meal with her at her little table.  It was actually really adorable to see a 6'2'' man sitting at a toddler table. 

We enjoyed some time in the yard!

Jed and Lainey went on several store trips together and always returned with things that weren't necessarily on the list... :)

Basically, he had a little shadow the entire time he was home.  I never have doubted Lainey's love for her Dad, but I can say that her affections definitely grew this past weekend.  She was never very far from him, helped him make coffee each morning, asked for him every time she woke up and didn't let him out of her sight.  
Although I don't have a picture to prove it, I will also say that while Wyatt seems to prefer his Momma most of the time, Jed can make him giggle like crazy making trumpet sounds and singing to him.  So sweet.
Two peas in a pod, these two.

This is what greeted Jed when he came home from work today.  
I think we all agree that we wouldn't mind 5 day weekends more often!

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