Friday, March 29, 2013

Library time

We love to read at our house. Lainey is pulling books off her shelf constantly to look at and for me to read. As much as I love reading to her and hope both of my kids become lifelong readers, there are a few books that make me cringe when she pulls them out. I'm just tired of reading them. We go to the library almost weekly for story time, but we hadn't yet checked out any books ... partly because getting in and out of the library is like a circus act and partly because I was nervous about how she'd treat the books.  
SO... Thursday morning as she was doing her typical morning reading we talked about how we were going to the library for story time and then we would get to pick out some NEW books to bring home to borrow for a few days.  She seemed mildly excited.
Parachute is her most, most, most favorite part of Book Babies.  She gets so excited!

We walked around and I let Lainey pick out 4 books.  Okay, I picked out 2 and she picked out 2, but she was still pretty excited about all of them.  Mostly, she was excited about putting them in her little tote and carrying them to the car.

Enjoying her library books at home!  Looking forward to many, many more trips to the library and more books to enjoy TOGETHER!

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