Tuesday, March 26, 2013

All is well!

[I have started and stopped this post probably 4 times now!  Such is life with little ones I guess!]

We are finally ALL back to our happy, healthy selves in our house and I am soooo very thankful.  It was a long two weeks caring for sick kids, not feeling well myself and barely leaving the house.  I know it could have been much worse so I'm thankful that both of the kids recovered well and relatively quickly.

Lainey has been a particularly hilarious toddler lately.  She is quite the little momma and takes care of all of her babies, including the real one (who isn't all that much smaller than her...), she loves to play music and dance and spin, she is really enjoying coloring and is mastering her colors and is starting to learn some letters and shapes too.  It's crazy to watch her little mind in motion.  I can almost see the wheels turning inside her head sometimes as she is figuring things out.  She has kept me on her toes with her growing vocabulary and will point out and say things I didn't even know she knew.  It's fun that she is using words on her own, rather than just repeating what we ask her to (she'll do that too of course).  Probably my most favorite thing she is doing right now is saying "Love you!" It's just too precious.  She will also come up behind me if I'm sitting on the floor and pat my back which is so so sweet.  Sometimes she'll come up and pretend to 'get me' and say, "I got you," which sounds more like, "I gotch-you" -- love her.

Wyatt continues to be an awesome, go with the flow little dude.  He is such a stud.  He really pulled through being sick like a champ and had smiles for us throughout it all.  He is sweet as can be.  Still loving his play gym, rolling around on the floor and watching his big sis.  We hit a little hump in terms of sleeping at night and I learned 4 month sleep regression is a real thing (according to the Internets), but I think we have conquered it.  He loooves to be held to stand up and has some seriously strong tree trunk chubby legs.  I cannot wait for summer to put his rolly self into shorts.

These photos are in a super random order but who cares...

Reading to Wyatt.  Such a good big sis!

Wyatt got to meet his second cousin Harper last weekend.  They are 2 months apart.  I think you can see the Wilson side coming out in both of their awesome round cheeks!

Lunch at Chik-fil-a with Grandma!

Building a farm with Papa at Great Grandma Charlotte's house last weekend

Lainey and Wyatt got these horses from their Grandma and Grandpa Johnson for Christmas.  My 2 cute little cowboys!

Lainey has inherited more clothes and shoes from her cousin Claire.  You can't really see from the picture but the shirt has Minnie Mouse on it and Lainey is just in love with it.  So cute.

We enjoyed a spring teaser last week and got out with the stroller twice.  Then more snow came.  Boo. I think the forecast has some more real spring to look forward to.  I think we will spend A LOT of time outside this spring and summer!

The kiddos had well checks last week and I had to take a picture during a moment without tears.  Note the sucker in Lainey's hand.  Between the 3 times Wyatt was in within 2 weeks and 2 times for Lainey, their measurements were kind of all over the place, especially for height, but both of them are somewhere within the 75th-90th percentile for both height and weight.  Big healthy kids!

Wyatt sure loved the stroller rides too!

This is just one small example of what a joy Lainey is to be around.  Quite the ensemble.  She is so fun and silly.  Sometimes I think she puts things on or dresses up just to get some laughs out of her Momma.

Here's my sweet boy just relaxing.  I just adore him!  Just when I think he can't get any cuter... he does.

I know we aren't the only ones looking forward to spring and summer.  March has gone soooo fast.  Hard to believe it's almost APRIL!

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