Monday, March 11, 2013

{4 months} wyatt

Our favorite little man is 4 months old!
And so excited about it!

Wyatt turned 4 months last week on the 6th, but we've been a little busy since then dealing with SICKNESS (like SO many others we know!) (ugh!) so I haven't gotten this post written...  I thought the kiddos were going to make it through the winter without anything more than a mild cold.  We were so close, but such is life.  

Wyatt and I spent the afternoon of his 4 month birthday at the doctor's office due to his terrible cough and congestion, then going to the hospital for x-rays of his little chest, then back to the doctor's office.  We returned home with an oral steroid and breathing treatments.  Probably not the (4 month) "birthday" present he (or I) was hoping for.  6 days later now and he is on the mend... not quite 100% healthy, but we're getting there.

Here's Mr. Wyatt in the doctor's office.  He sure charmed the pants off the nurses - they thought he was the CUTEST squishy little guy.
He's been a super duper trooper with his breathing treatments.  Look at that smile! 

Little buddy also rolled over last week!  This is so fun for us because Lainey was never a roller.  And by never, I mean she didn't roll either way until she was about 15 months.  I'm not exaggerating.  Anyway, above you see Mr. Wyatt on his side, then mid roll, then finally he got it!  Then he decided he was tired and needed a nap.  That's just Wyatt - our happy (sleepy) guy!  He's also starting to grab things and play in his exer-saucer.  So many fun things.

I had well check appointments scheduled for both of the kids today, but they turned into not-so-well check ups.  Wyatt is still wheezy and since he's the sweetest baby boy ever, he sweetly gave his sister his illness as well.  Today, if I could, I would have given Lainey an award for her performance as most dramatic toddler EVER.  Does anyone have any advice for toddlers and doctor appointments?  Yikes.  She does this at the chiropractor too, but we go there more often so she's not as scared.  We talked and talked and talked about going to the doctor all weekend and tried to really pump it up.  Anyway, because of her lovely cough and congestion now we get to give her breathing treatments as well.  

Sounds like it will be another fun week at our house for this Momma! :)  Besides the typical spring fever, I really think I'm going a little nutty in our house.  We're stocked up on some fun stuff - water beads, coloring books, cloud dough... any other ideas?

While I know it could be so much worse, it's hard to see your little ones be sick!  Hoping wellness is right around the corner.


  1. I don't know if I have any ideas or advice, but I feel for you!!! We were there a couple weeks ago. I don't think I left the house (with the kids) for 2 weeks straight - not fun :( And Amaia also cries at the doctor when they weigh her - ha :) Is Lainey into learning letters yet? There is a website ( for kids to learn their letters and Amaia LOVES it! I just sit with her and my laptop and click on the different letters. It's a great sick activity for her :) I hope you guys get healthy soon! It's supposed to get warmed later this week!

    1. Thanks Kristy. I know I'm not alone in this battle! That website sounds great, I will check it out.