Sunday, July 6, 2014

Enjoying June

I know I say this every month but June really did fly by.  Summer is in full swing for the Johnson family!
We've enjoyed many trips to the splash park so far.  In my opinion, if it's going to be hot and sunny, I'd most definitely prefer being by the water.  I'm loving watching them play and enjoy the shallow pool.
Summer is perfect for picnics.  We enjoyed a beautiful morning and lunch time with my good friend (and former roommate) Haley and her girls, Harper and Willow.  I moved in with Haley almost exactly 5 years ago and lived with her for that year (in the house she and her family live in) before I was married.  It's always so funny to think about how fast life changes.  I never could have imagined back then that if I could fast forward 5 years, this would be my reality.
I remember a few times growing up when we would travel down to Iowa to visit family, visiting Classic Frozen Custard.  Now, we're lucky enough to live very, very close to the delicious spot.  We could not believe the size of these "junior" cones. Let's just say we threw the kids in the tub right when we got home!
One of our favorite spots downtown is the library and outside the library are these walking water fountain paths.  I've now learned my lesson to make sure I have full changes of clothes for both kids if we stop here and they LOVE it.
We've enjoyed getting the pool out a few times.  Always need to enjoy a freezy pop too!

Lainey helped me plant some flowers too.  She was so proud and LOVES helping me water them!
Our builder provided a little landscaping in the front yard last year when we moved in but I had no idea what any of the plants would look like come spring/summer.  These were a pleasant surprise!
Lainey is quite the helper in the kitchen.  She loves to stir and scoop up everyone's plates.  This particular night we enjoyed a cold tuna pasta salad and fresh canteloupe.  Love super easy and fast summer meals (especially since I'm still not a fan of actual cooking and raw meat these days)!
We're still using and loving our zoo pass to the best of our ability!  It's always more fun with friends!  Lainey and Oscar love Member Mondays with free train rides!

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