Monday, June 23, 2014

May Days

Well, June is nearly over and here I am catching up and blogging about May.  I suppose my excuse is a good one and is no surprise to any of you that read this blog since I know all of you in real life, but it's share worthy anyway...

SO instead of blogging, I've been napping.  And going to bed at an embarassingly early time.  We are due on Christmas Eve and we're all very excited!  Well, Wyatt has no clue, but Lainey, Jed and I are thrilled!

Back to what we were up to during the month of May...
I didn't really struggle with morning sickness but afternoon/evening sickness, which was not fun, but I think God was giving me grace because He knows I have two energetic kiddos who need to get out and about in the mornings.  Thankfully, most days we all take lovely afternoon naps and then when I'm really feeling my worst, my knight and shining armor comes home, helps with the kids and usually makes dinner.  I'm looking forward to feeling more normal to provide food for my family and give the poor guy a decent meal and a break!

My little monkey!  She's gotten so good at climbing at the play grounds.
Picnics have become our new favorite way to eat lunch.  As long as I can get a few things packed before we head out any given morning, it is great.  They eat whatever I pack, I don't have to "clean up" lunch and then if they pass out on the way home from where ever, I can just throw them in bed when we get here.
I cannot get enough of this sweet little man.
Lainey's been working at riding her bike!
This was a genius idea I had one day.  We got to play in the water AND did something productive!  All of my years of car wash fundraisers in high school for the dance team really paid off.
Wyatt is usually more interested in climbing on benches and picnic tables when we're at a park.
We eat popsicles pretty much every night.  Sometimes in the bath tub, which saves me from having to pretreat their clothes before they go in the wash.
Our church did another Mission to the City over Memorial Day weekend where people served dozens of other churches, ministries and individuals throughout Des Moines.  Lainey tagged along with Jed quite a bit throughout the weekend.  I'm thankful he was willing to swap car seats in and out of our cars a bunch of times and even pull Lainey in the bike trailer, just to allow them to spend some time serving together.
She was a great help and loved canvassing neighborhoods and inviting people to church and hanging these door hangers!

May was great!  Can't believe how fast it went - felt like it took forever for the weather to really warm up but we loved enjoying those warm May days!

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