Friday, July 11, 2014

4th of July!

I think the 4th of July is moving up in the ranks to be my favorite holiday.  Jed always gets the afternoon before and the day of off, the weather is usually warm (though sometimes too warm), there are BBQs and who doesn't love some patriotic colors, parades, music and declaring our pride in the greatest country on Earth?

We started off our weekend (along with nearly every other resident of Des Moines and the surrounding areas) at the Yankee Doodle Pops concert near the capitol and enjoyed a picnic dinner.

As you can see, we all had a good time :)  Love those smiles!
Lainey's friend Oscar and his dad joined us along with several other friends.  It was really a perfect night... until the fireworks started.  Not only could we not see them behind buildings and porta potties, but the my kids didn't really appreciate the sound of them without a view to go with it so we sceddaddled quickly.  It was waaay past bedtime anyway.

The next morning we decided to take it slow and eat pancakes (definitely a good choice) and go to a later parade.
Wyatt really got the hang of the fetching the parade candy thing preeeetty quickly.
They even caught a popsicle and shared it very nicely.
The kids took extra late naps (so did Jed and I!) and so we just grabbed a quick dinner near our house and then wandered around our new favorite place, Easter Lake.  
Then we captured probably the best family picture we've ever taken.
Cannot put into words how thankful I am for these 3, their smiles, hearts and love.  Can't wait to add another sweet one to the mix at the end of the year!

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