Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Johnson Family Favorite

It's always a special treat when we get to go out to eat as a family. Truth be told, we haven't tried it super often in the past 8 months...usually a cozy night of quality time at home sounds better but last week I had Lainey bat her sweet eyelashes and ask her Daddy if he would take his girls on a date for some Mexican. How could he say no to her? :) And how could he say no to MONTERREY?!?
We love Monterrey. It is delicious, relatively cheap and QUICK! Not to mention the unlimited chips and salsa and great fountain pop. Perfect for a dinner out with our sweet pea. Lainey was just as excited as I was! She sat in the high chair like a pro and loved when our waiter would come by and pinch her cheeks. There were lots of people for her to oogle at as well, she's definitely a people watcher.
(Forgive the pictures - they were taken with my old point and shoot)
Our little book worm was loving the colorful menu!
"Hmmm...I'll have THIS please!"
"Daddy, won't you PLEASE share your burrito with me?"
Some day Sweetie! I can't wait to introduce her to the yummy chips and salsa in the future!

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  1. We LOVE Monterrey!!! Your description was perfect..."It is delicious, relatively cheap and QUICK!" Glad you girls got to enjoy a night out with your hubby, those are the best!