Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Weekend in Minnesota

We just got back from a fabulous weekend visiting my family in Minnesota for Easter. We hadn't been there since Christmas and our visit was long overdue - my parents come down to see us as often as they can but it was so nice to see extended family too and just enjoy a weekend away. (And by away, I mean away from cooking, cleaning, the dog, etc... A welcomed break indeed!) We started off our weekend with my request I make every time we go to Minnesota... Leann Chin for dinner! It is a Chinese chain restaurant in the Twin Cities that has been my absolute favorite for years and years. I would prefer eating Leann Chin over ALMOST anything, seriously. It tastes that good to me. As always, it was delicious. Lainey drooled as she ate her peas and yogurt ... some day, my sweetie! After dinner, we got right to playing! Luckily, Grandma and Grandpa have acquired a lot of fun toys!
And then on to really playing!
Giving Grandpa a free dental exam...
My parent's coffee table is the perfect height for Lainey to stand at. She got REALLY good at standing over the weekend - like so good it was scary for being only almost 8 months old!

And even standing on her own for a few seconds at a time!
She also got so so so so so close to crawling! Her Daddy did some coaching. He is so good at teaching her new things and getting excited about the things she is learning how to do.
All of the sudden she wasn't hating being on her tummy since she was so close to being mobile!
Such a sweetie pie!
My Grandma, Lainey's Great Grandma Carey came over Saturday morning for breakfast and coffee. Lainey warmed up to her right away and showed her those fancy new tricks.
Lainey could look at books FOREVER, which my Grandma, a former teacher just loved!

Showing Grandpa her excited face! My parents just adore their granddaughters!
We got to Skype with Emily and Claire a few times too! Of course we wished they were there with us!!
More tummy time, playing with her computer...
On Easter, we all got up and ready pretty early to make it to church by 9. It was a great service celebrating Jesus' death and resurrection and the cost of God's loving sacrifice to choose to send His son to die on the cross for us.

After church, we enjoyed Easter dinner at my Aunt Barb and Uncle Duane's with a bunch of extended family. Lainey didn't get to taste the ham, potatoes and other goodies but did enjoy some yogurt and banana puffs!
Lainey loves her Grandma!
After lunch it was time for the Easter Egg Hunt! Jed helped Lainey get around to collect a few eggs. She was in charge of scoping out the eggs...

Lainey happened to "find" the big golden egg! :) Doesn't she look thrilled?!
Our sweet family of 3!

Checking out her loot!
She didn't care so much about what was inside the eggs (candy and quarters!) but enjoyed playing with the eggs none the less!

Here I am telling Lainey that Easter isn't really about eggs or bunnies or candy but it's all about Jesus!

I think Lainey enjoyed her first Easter!

Since we had such a busy day, Lainey hadn't really napped all morning so thankfully she slept like a baby on our drive home; we only had to make one quick stop. It was a wonderful weekend but like usual, we are glad to be home sweet home!

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