Friday, February 10, 2012

Lainey's First Job

One of our desires as parents is to teach Lainey many things ... how to be kind and compassionate, generous and loving, etc. We also want Lainey to be a hard worker. This is why we made Lainey get a job at the ripe old age of 2.5 weeks...

When Lainey was about 2 weeks old I got an email from Mercy Hospital's marketing department saying they needed two newborns ages birth to 4 weeks for a photo shoot to highlight the Mother and Baby facilities and birthing experience at Mercy. I remember forwarding the email to Jed, mostly as a joke, saying that more people would probably choose Mercy if they saw a picture on a brochure or website and knew they delivered the most beautiful babies in town! (Just kidding - I have lots of friends who have gorgeous children who have delivered at other local hospitals.) Like I said, I mostly sent the email to Jed as a joke but he told me to go for it. I figured if nothing else, it would be a fun outing and would give us something to do for part of a day. I had to send in a picture of Lainey and the PR and Marketing person responded right away and told me what I already knew ... Lainey was (and still is) adorable and that I could plan on participating.

It was a really fun experience! I got to see Mercy West Lakes (which is WOW, so nice!), enjoyed a free lunch and met some new people. It was so interesting to watch the process of the photo shoot. Every detail was given special attention: from the models' hands, clothing, and hair to where the flowers and balloons were set in the background, the blankets on the bed, etc. Everyone was impressed with Lainey's work ethic - she slept through the entire shoot, which was exactly what they wanted. Here is a picture I took with my phone during the photo shoot:
And this is what I found on the Mercy website today ... I did some photo shopping to help you navigate:
Yes, they used models for the parents in the photo shoot. No, I wasn't offended. The casting call was for BABIES for the photo shoot, not the entire family. And besides, who wants to be in a photo shoot 2 weeks after having a baby?!?
Why they would cover up her sweet face with that ugly green line is beyond me... It was still a fun experience and a funny story to tell Lainey about when she gets older!
Here is the link to the actual website if you want to see it LIVE for yourself or if you want information about Mercy. We had a really great experience there and would recommend them to anyone!

Thanks to a Facebook friend who works at Mercy, they changed the picture so Lainey's lovely face is no longer shielded by the ugly green line! Here's what it looks like now:
Sweet, sweetie pie!


  1. Charlotte also has a job. She is in charge of all the fuzzes. She is a hard worker and very detail oriented when it comes to capturing pieces of lint or clumps of cat fur on the floor, then handing them over to one of her bosses (Matt or I). Glad to see we're not the only parents putting their children to work at a young age! Welcome to the work force, Lainey! "Baby Model" will spruce up any resume.

  2. I'm so jealous that your daughter has been a model. The "dad" in the picture looks thrilled to be looking at her precious face!

  3. Fun!I'm so glad they changed the photo though, I was really bummed to see that they covered her face! I mean, come on! When looking at options of where your going to deliver, you want to see a photo of a beautiful baby, not just the parents! I love the new photo layout. As always Lainey is adorable.