Sunday, February 12, 2012


My baby isn't so little anymore. Lainey is 6 months old today. That seems and sounds so old to me, like she's not just a little baby anymore, she's a BIG baby! Well, that's always been technically true size wise. She's a healthy girl. 6 months just means she's closer to crawling and walking and talking and having opinions and running around the yard and I'm sure before I know it she'll be driving and going off to college! It will all probably seem like a blink of an eye!

Here are some facts about Lainey at 6 months...
  • She is a great sitter and LOVES to play sitting up
  • Her favorite toys right now are her blocks, keys and her baby doll
  • She is consistently sleeping around 10 hours at night
  • She is SO sweet and smiley!
  • She loves being in front of a mirror
  • She is finally decently taking a bottle and likes to play with a pacifier as a chew toy rather than a soother
  • She is very social and loves watching other people, especially kids
  • She loves Skyping with her grandparents and aunts/uncles/cousins
...there's so much more but I know what you all really want is some pictures...

Look at my sweet girl. She is such a blessing.
1 day...................almost 6 months

I wanted to do a comparison to see if Lainey looks more like her Dad (top picture) or her Mom (bottom picture)...
What do you all think?
I think Lainey looks MUCH more like Jed at 6 months. Maybe that will change, maybe not. It doesn't matter, she's adorable.
Here are some special pictures I took today to celebrate Lainey being 6 months old!

These pictures with the foam letters keep getting tougher and tougher...

It has been such a sweet 6 months. We are so incredibly thankful for the blessing of being Lainey's parents!

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